Elect Leaders Who Will Support Proper Resource Budget Allocation – Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni who has concluded his 3 day campaign trail in Bugisu sub-region has said NRM has the capacity to accomplish all her tasks but reiterated his call to the electorate to send to parliament leaders who will support him to push for proper budgeting of resources.

“There is nothing important that we can not do. All that is needed is proper budgeting of the resources that are now available. We may not do every thing at ago but there is nothing we cannot do,” he said.

Candidate Museveni was yesterday meeting NRM leaders, flag bearers and delegates from Bulambuli and Sironko districts at Masaba Senior Secondary School play grounds in Budadiri East Constituency in Sironko district.

The NRM Presidential flag bearer reiterated his call to the delegates by urging them to inform the electorate that NRM is able to do everything that is important so long as the distribution of resources is done properly.

He cited some of the major challenges that NRM went through like the invasion of locusts, the floods, landslides, floating Islands and now the covid-19 that is being tackled decisively.

The President said piped water projects in many towns have been fulfilled in Bulambuli and Sironko and in the next 5 years other towns in both districts that have not received piped water will also be connected.

The President further said water for production had been availed in the Bubulo Small Scale Irrigation scheme, Bamuse and the Bukedea gravity scheme that will serve 49 villages in Bukedea, 200 villages in Bulambuli and 43 in Sironko district.

Mr. Museveni also assured the people of the area that government is going to work on the 12 kilometers road from Nalugu-Mutufu to Budadiri as well as the 41 kilometers road from Magumba-Budadiri to Mutufu


President Yoweri Museveni also cited some groups that need more attention like that of the youth and women adding that more funds should be injected to those groups to create an impact. He said in greater Sironko district youth livelihood funds for the last 4 years couldn’t make any impact as very few youth and women benefited from the fund.

“In Bulambuli and Sironko, a total of 2,815 youth benefited from the youth livelihood projects in the last 4 years and 1,785 women benefitted,” he noted.

Candidate Museveni also asserted that with proper budgeting there is need to empower more wanainchi to create wealth through modern commercial calculated farming.




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