Elect Leaders That Will Address Buganda Issues – Says Mayiga After Meeting Bobi Wine

The Katikkiro (Prime Minister) of Buganda Kingdom Charles Peter Mayiga has urged voters to elect leaders who will positively address the “Buganda question” and stand for Buganda’s 5 aspiration objectives.

Mayiga made the remarks at Bulange in Mengo, Kampala on Wednesday shortly after holding a closed door meeting with presidential hopeful Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu.

Bobi Wine was paying an official visit to Buganda Kingdom where he officially told the Kingdom that he will contest the 2021 presidential elections.

“As a Kingdom, we welcome all people of all sheds of political opinions, all religious affiliations and of all nationalities but on one condition, that they respect the Kabaka and they acknowledge the heritage of the Kingdom of Buganda,” said Mayiga.

Recently, Katikkiro hosted ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party leaders led by party vice chairman for Buganda region Godfrey Kiwamda Ssubi.

“Today, we welcome the newly confirmed leaders of NUP led by Robert Kyagulanyi. If we mind the future and we should mind future, we must prepare now, for the future is now. It is therefore very crucial that young people who constitute 70% of the population get involved in leadership matters,” Mayiga noted.

He however added that leadership is about initiating solutions to the challenges faced by people, but not positions or titles.

He said that young people who aspire for positions ought to tell the electorate the solutions that they bring on-board.


“If it is rule of law, what proposals do they have for the police and courts, the performance of the security forces? If challenges rotate around governance, how are civil servants going to be handled, how are they going to be inspired, motivated, how will wastage of resources be dealt with, how corruption be stopped?”

He added, “How do you plan to deal with Buganda question? How are you going to handle Buganda’s 5 aspiration objectives? My friends, I think, such are the kind of questions for which aspiring youthful leaders must provide answers,” Mayiga said.

The Premier on the other hand urged all political actors to respect each other and advocated for equal coverage for all political actors on all media.

He also called on Ugandans to desist from any form of election violence that will make life harder for all citizens.

Katikkiro revealed that when he met with NRM delegation, he told them that as a ruling party, they have a duty to ensure peaceful, free and fair elections.

“If the electoral process is peaceful, free and fair, the voters will accept the election results.”

He noted that Buganda will not endorse any political candidates against the others but advised voters to look out for the candidates who are ready and willing to stand up and defend Buganda’s 5 aspiration objectives.

“Every aspiring candidate ought to tell the voters how he intends to go about the Buganda question,” he concluded.

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