Elders Demand Oyo’s Return to Tooro

Some elders in Tooro Kingdom have come out backing the Amacumu n’Ebitara (Spears and Swords) youth group’s decision of condemning King Oyo’s overstay in Kampala.

During the first meeting for over 250 Amacumu n’ebitara in 2015 held at Mucwa kingdom chambers on Friday, ambulance ampoule Charles Musuga Kamurasi, drugs the head of Babiito clan said the king has to come back to his kingdom.

Musuga said that rituals cannot be performed in the kingdom when the king is away and can never rule his kingdom in another foreign land.

He said according to Tooro culture, the king does not rule his people from outside his kingdom.

The Musuga said Oyo should emulate other cultural leaders by spending time with his subjects instead of keeping in Kampala.

The Babiito clan head said the king. as an adult, needs to stay in his palace and keep a distance from the Queen mother “because it’s a taboo for the Queen mother to be with the king.”

Joseph Musana, head of rituals (Omugoma) Tooro Kingdom, said the palace rituals are no longer performed because the king has neglected his responsibilities.

He said King Oyo “is ever in Kampala and this has affected the development of this cultural institution.”


Musana disclosed that if the king does not return in his kingdom, the ritual performers and elders shall camp at the palace for 9 days as a protest against the monarch.

He added that according to Tooro culture, “when the king turns 18 years, he is an adult and the Queen mother is not supposed to surface anywhere at the palace. “

Eddy Kasaija, the chairman of Amacumu, clarified that they are still united and focused on the agenda of reviving Tooro’s glory.

Last week a section of Amacumu held a press conference at Fort View Guest House where they condemned the overstaying of King Oyo in Kampala and Queen Mother Best Kemigisa’s involvement in Kingdom administration.


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