Eid Prayers: Mufti Mubajje Worried Over Increasing Road Carnage

The Mufti of Uganda Sheikh Shaban Mubajje has expressed concern over the increasing number of deaths as a result of accidents on Ugandan roads.

In the past one week, abortion about 30 people were killed in accidents along the Kampala- Masaka Highway.

In his message to Muslims during the Eid day prayers at Ghaddafi National Mosque at Old Kampala on Wednesday morning, Sheikh Mubajje said the road carnage was big concern and attributed it partly to indiscipline on the side of the road users.

“Most people with cars drive recklessly especially on those highways. Some are testing the limits of their new cars, while putting the lives of others on the line,” said the Mufti.

“Why try your new ride on a busy highway putting the lives of others at risk! Bodaboda riders are also another menace while on the road and are responsible for many lives lost .We need to do something to stop this increasing loss of lives.”

Thousands of Muslims at the Old Kampala Mosque
Thousands of Muslims at the Old Kampala Mosque

The Mufti urged traffic police to step up enforcement of road regulations and ensuring that they are strictly followed.

Terror Acts

Sheikh Mubajje also aired angry remarks about terrorists who he said have continued to end lives of many people disguising in the name of the Islamic faith.


Islam he said is a religion of peace that does not allow killing of fellow human beings.

“Now the terror acts have extended to holy places and soon people will shun them for fear of being killed. Blood shedding is not good and whoever kills does so on their own but not because of Islamic faith.”

Shk Mubajje is concerned that terrorism has entered the holy places too
Shk Mubajje is concerned that terrorism has entered the holy places too

“We should all know that fighting is not a solution to our problems. Wars have been in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and many other Arab countries but have never solved anything. Why not engage in dialogue other than killing innocent civilians,” the man of Allah urged.

A suicide bomb attack on Monday killed 4 security officers and injured others near the holy city of Medina, the holiest city in Islam after Mecca.

In another separate attack, a bomb blast led to death of more than 200 people in Iraq early this week.

Mubajje   urged Muslims to continue exhibiting the good behavior as was shown in the holy month of Ramathan; stressing that this way, believers will be rewarded abundantly by the Almighty.

He asked Ugandans to always embrace peace and love as a tool of bringing everyone together for the development of the country.




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