Education Ministry Evaluating Homeschooling to Determine Promotion of Learners to Next Classes

The Ministry of Education and Sports will conduct an evaluation on how homeschooling has been implemented to determine whether learners should be promoted to the next classes.

After 6 months of closure of all education institutions in a bid to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, President Museveni on Sunday allowed reopening of education institutions but for only candidate classes who will report to school on October 15, 2020.

This left many questions unanswered as to whether learners in other classes will be promoted or not.

However, the Education Minister and First Lady Janet Museveni said on Tuesday that an evaluation will be done to determine the effectiveness of homeschooling and whether learners can be promoted to next classes.

“As announced by the President, the reopening of education institutions will be for only candidate classes and final year students while the rest continue with the enhanced home learning. With enhanced home schooling, it is anticipated that the learners in the rest of the classes can reach a level of learning achievement to enable them move to the next class. However, progression shall be based on our evaluation of how effectively homeschooling has been implemented,” said Mrs Museveni.

In order to facilitate continuity of learning after the closure of all education institutions on March 20, 2020, and to ensure that all learners across the country are reached, the Education Ministry developed a continuity of learning framework with three complementary models including delivery of live and recorded radio and television lesson broadcasts by exemplary teachers, printing and distribution of home study materials and online uploads of recorded lessons and home study materials.

Meanwhile, there have been reports that national examinations for primary and secondary school students will be done in March and April next year (2021).

The promise by Government to procure 9 million radio sets for all households with learners, Mrs Museveni said, is in advanced stages.


“Radio lesson scripts for pre primary and primary one to primary 3 are ready and translation into local languages is ongoing at NCDC (National Curriculum Development Center). Audio and video lessons for both primary and secondary schools have been recorded and editing work to make them ready for broadcast are about to be completed,” she said.

She added that the adaptation of special needs education materials for primary have been done while sign language lessons in all core subjects and braille and large print materials for the visually impaired in primary have been completed.

The adaptation for secondary materials has started.

Although President Museveni said on Sunday that the fate of other students (not candidates) returning to school will be decided in January 2021, the Education Minister said an assessment will he done after a month to determine how well institutions are implementing the set Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) against COVID-19, to inform the decision on whether the rest of the learners can be allowed to return to school.

She also noted that her Ministry is working closely with the Ministry of Finance to make sure Government aided schools get their respective capitation grants to acquire basic facilities to implement SOPs.

Mrs Museveni added that they are working with the Ministry of Health to distribute 2 standard face masks to each learner (candidates and final year students) in all education institutions (both private and Government).


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