Eddy Kenzo, Ex-Producer War over Pia Pounds Escalates

Two weeks back we reported how singer Eddy Kenzo had fallen out with his music producer Kusseim over female singer Pia Pounds real name Tracy Kirabo.

Apparently, Kenzo was not happy with Kusseim’s closeness to the gorgeous Pia Pounds, a thing that forced the producer to quit the BET Award winning singer’s Bank Records.

Kusseim and Pia Pounds developed a romantic relationship while working together considering how much time they spent together.

Pia Pounds

This however did not go down well with Kenzo who was reported to also have interest in the babe.

Fresh info is that the feud between Kenzo and his former producer has escalated as reports suggest that the singer was declared a war against Kusseim warning to thump the living lights out of him if he doesn’t stay away from Pia Pounds.

It is reported that when Kusseim left Kenzo’s studio, he went with Pia Pounds and the two stay together in Muyenga.

Kenzo with Pia Pounds

This has incensed Kenzo so much that he has allegedly stopped picking Pia Pounds’ calls and stopped paying for her studio sessions.

It should be noted that after Kenzo signed Pia Pounds to his Big Talent group, the two were said to be lovers much as the ‘Dancehall’ singer refuted the claims.


It was about the time Kenzo started developing misunderstandings with his longtime girlfriend Rema Namakula.

Kenzo with baby mama Rema Namakula and their kids

Rema’s fans went on to attack and criticize Kenzo for promoting Pia Pounds’ music instead of his baby mama’s.


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