Economic War: Development Channel to Transform Uganda into a First World Country

Development Channel pledged to fight a war against poverty and unemployment in Uganda through their economic war initiative during a media launch at Silver Spring Hotel.

“We are going to compete in 25 strategic areas such as mobile devices, infrastructure, and food and so on. We have 25 well-crafted companies under the Development Channel Conglomerate to fight in this coming economic war to put Africa first,” said Charles Lambert Chairman Development Channel while addressing the media.

He defined an economic war as a commerce driven strategic approach to benefit the overall interest of the nation.

The international company that provides a platform for increasing access to basic development needs between developed and under developed nations decided to choose Uganda as a case study for this initiative and has so far created 350 jobs.

“We want to use Uganda as a case study in this economic war because President Museveni brings security and freedom; these are the two vital components we need,” Lambert exclaimed.

Film actress Eleanor Nabwiso listening attentively during the economic war launch

He added, “For this initiative to be successful we do not need criticism because criticism is misguided creativity.

During the media launch that brought together a few socialites and celebrities like comedian Patrick Salvador, Actors Mr. And Mrs. Nabwiso and comedian Richard Tuwangye; Ugandans were promised a bright future and shown a light at the end of the tunnel.

“We want to transform the continent , we want to create jobs every day, we want people to have homes…we want to see a little of what we see in other first world countries,” the enthusiastic Lambert said.

Mr. Charles Lambert addressing the media last night at Silver Springs Hotel

Development channel is a private company not so old in Uganda, it focuses on a number of sectors including IT for every citizen, helping women, children and youth; recently they signed their brand ambassadors Sheila Gashumba, Fik Famaica and NBS’s Douglas Lwanga.

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