EC: Kampala Parliamentary Nominees Adhered to COVID-19 Guidelines Compared to Mayors

Officials at the Kampala Region Electoral Commission offices have praised Parliamentary aspirants who adhered to the guidelines that were issued to prevent spreading Covid-19.

Fredrick Muwaya, the Kampala District EC Registrar said fewer concerns were registered as far as following the guidelines.

“As you also observed, everyone including you who have been coming here washed their hands before entering the premises, they wore their masks and followed other guidelines,” he said.

The Electoral Commission issued new guidelines where it banned processions as it had been and granted each candidate to be escorted by one vehicle,

“Come with the nominator, seconder and two more people just in case of anything, but not crowding the roads as it has been because we are fighting against the deadly COVI-19 virus,” Justice Simon Byabakama, the Commission Chairperson said yesterday.

The RCC of Nakawa together with the security forces also warned politicians against organizing processions something which Muwaya says was adhered to.

Muwaya noted that candidates were escorted by few vehicles, as it was guided by the Commission, and none of them held processions.

Majority of the nominations were conducted yesterday and today the last batch will be nominated.
“We have nominated about 50 Parliamentary Candidates, out of the 73 we approved. The nominations have been smooth and speedy because we asked these candidates to bring all their credentials, which they did earlier and we approved them so today was a walk over,” he said.


“Some of them asked us to push their names to the next day so that they complete some issues with their forms and we had to make changes, generally the nominations are going on well,” Muwaya noted.

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