EC Issues Media Guidelines Ahead of 2016 Elections

The Police’s head of the Traffic Directorate Dr. Stephen Kasiima has attributed the latest upsurge in road accidents to bad tyres.

Addressing journalists on Monday at the police headquarters in Naguru, viagra 60mg http://concursofotografia.orihuela.es/wp-includes/pomo/translations.php Kasiima said that most of the recent accidents have been caused by punctures.

“We have experienced many accident because most of the tyres used by Ugandan drivers are expired even though they may look new with treads on them, http://couponadventures.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/sal/class.json-api-post-base.php ” Kasiima said on Monday.

According to the traffic police boss, on many occasions drivers run speeds exceeding the recommended ones for particular tyres.

“Tyres have maximum speeds within which they can be driven but due to their ignorance, most Ugandan drivers never take note of this. They don’t check the manufacture and expiry dates; all they look at are the treads.”

Dr.Kasiima said most of the tyres are re-treaded from Kampala and they look new enticing to drivers whom he said always prefer cheap things.

The Police traffic boss urged Uganda National Bureaus of Standards to start educating drivers on top of inspecting  all tyres in stores and shops.

“Drivers should be able to know the amount of pressure in the tires, the rims to be used, maximum speed and the expiry dates before they purchase them,” he advised.


Just yesterday the former minister for health in Tito Okello Lutwa’s government, Dr. Henry Benjamin Obonyo and his family perished in a road accident when their Toyota Super Custom’s front tyre burst, overturning the vehicle and killing him, his wife and two children.
Women from Mbarara District under their umbrella organization named ‘Nyekundire- Tis My Choice Women’s Group’ have vowed to leave no stone unturned canvassing for votes in support of the NRM Presidential Candidate Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

The women said they want to show the whole country that Mbarara District which is the center of Greater Ankole still overwhelmingly supports President Museveni by ensuring that he comes out winner with a very high percentage.

Over 100 women who represented many others of the group recently met the First Lady Janet Museveni at her home in Rwakitura to share the strategies they have laid down to ensure that President Museveni wins in the February elections.

One after the other the women from various spheres of work and religious sects hailed President Museveni saying that they owe him and the NRM Government for lifting them from backward cultural captivity and empowering them.

They said they value and want to guard the peace and stability ushered in by the NRM Government and have to work hard to return the NRM Government into power so as to consolidate the achievements and continue building a better Uganda for the future generations.

“We won’t keep silent and see Uganda go back to the days of turmoil. We have to counter the lies being told by the opposition, search http://crosscourtathletics.org/wp-includes/class-wp-theme.php ” they added.

The Nyekundire women also recommended that all effort be made to encourage reconciliation between those who lost in the NRM primaries and the flag bearers.

While addressing them, web http://cosmopolitan.taconeras.net/wp-includes/simplepie/locator.php First Lady Janet Museveni reminded them of the founding principle of the Movement which was to unite Ugandans across all ethnic, religious and other divide.

She said that women, as mothers of the nation, have a big stake in the stability of the country because when a nation is shaken it is women and children who suffer most looking for refuge.

She also observed that some youth who don’t know the country’s history had been misled by the opposition, but are now defecting to NRM after realizing that the opposition candidates don’t have a clear vision and focus for the country and are rather bent on destroying what the NRM Government has built.

Mrs. Museveni commissioned the Nyekundire women to carry out door to door mobilization of the people to support President Museveni and the NRM flag bearers to ensure a landslide victory and that peace and stability prevails in the country.

“Uganda has become an island of peace where people from unstable neighbouring countries are running to for refuge. Let us all stand up and fight to guard this prevailing peace because this peace is not for the President or his family, or for leaders only, but it is for all Ugandans”, she said.

Joviah Saleh one of the founders of the Nyekundire women encouraged them as the foot soldiers saying the support for President Museveni is potentially among the communities but they need to be mobilized.

She urged the Nyekundire women to share with the communities the glaring achievements of the NRM.
The media has been tipped on upholding professional standards and ensuring responsible reporting during the 2016 polls so as to facilitate violence free elections.

At least 100 journalists from different media houses; radio, what is ed http://clintonhouse.com/wp-admin/includes/bookmark.php television and print across Uganda participated in a half day training workshop organized by the Electoral Commission at Royal Suites Hotel, capsule Bugolobi.

“The media has rights to exercise, duties to perform and responsibilities to bear during the electoral process. Since you are our eyes on the ground, we expect you to express neutrality and to ensure your reporting doesn’t incite violence,” said the Secretary to the Electoral body, Mr. Sam Rwakoojo on Monday.

He added; “The conduct of the media will be closely monitored to ensure compliance with the laws governing media during the elections.”

During the workshop, the Electoral Commission presented the draft guidelines to be followed by the media as they cover the polls slated for February this year.

Among the guidelines were; balanced coverage of all candidates, avoiding manipulation, separating editorial content with news content among others.

Mr. John Baptist Imokola, a media consultant called on journalists to focus their reports on issues put forward by both candidates and the electorate.

“As media, our stories must remain independent and we should not let our professionalism to be compromised,” said Imokola.

As campaigns carry on, different media outlets have assigned their reporters to trail different candidates but it remains contentious as to what extent they have been lured to report in favor of candidates.

Several reporters who took part in the workshop attributed this to limited facilitation by the media outlets.

Ofwono Opondo, the government spokesperson criticized journalists for publishing misleading articles while others continue to tolerate sectarian messages from the audience.

“The media has not done enough in educating the public about the electoral process. The press should stop making it appear as if it’s criminal for crime preventers to access the voter register yet the EC released it,” he stated.

The Electoral Commission made assurance that similar workshops will be held to guide security agencies like Police and the army on their electoral roles.

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