Ebonies Actress Princess Juuko Apologizes Over Leaked Nudes

Last week, the nude pictures of Ebonies Actress Sulainah Nangendo popularly known as princess Juuko were leaked on social media.


Nangendo has on Tuesday made a statement with the police and pornography control committee (PCC) at Central police station (CPS).


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The actress admitted that the nude pictures are hers but were leaked out by her ex- boyfriend.


“Yes those were my pictures but they were not published by me but rather a person I used to trust. They were published by my ex- lover. I am so sorry for everything.



I am a victim, I was blackmailed. Right now I am suffering mentally, physically and traumatized. For the first time I am scared to look into the camera. It’s too much. I am so sorry to everybody,” she cried out.


She revealed that she took pictures 2 years ago and sent them to her ex -boyfriend who betrayed her and leaked them after break up.


“I have lost almost everything. My respect, my family, friends, colleagues.”


She conveyed her sincere apologies to the general public especially women and parents whose Children could have seen the pictures.


The chairperson Pornography control committee (PCC) Dr. Annet Kezaabu said when she got the information last week, she tasked police to look for Nangendo and produce her before PCC was a successful operation.


She vowed to hunt and arrest the person who leaked the pictures.


Ebonies most famous Actor and one of the directors Samuel Bagenda alias Dr. Bossa said that the group has been in existence for 40 years and it is very unfortunate that a shock occurred to one of their actresses.


“It’s very unfortunate. As Ebonies we strongly condemn what happened, Sulainah’s exposure of her nudity. Ebonies has been there for 40 years. We live as family but we never saw this happening,” he said


He revealed that discipline has been behind the success of Ebonies and was shocked that the incident occurred to one of the most disciplined actresses of the company.


Bagenda apologized on behalf of Ebonies and called on the public to approach Nangendo in a human way because she is traumatized.


“I apologize on behalf of Ebonies to the general public, our esteemed fans, Muslim community and we vow to counsel and rehabilitate our girl and bring her to normal senses so as to fit in society again.


I beg you to forgive her. It’s not an easy situation so she needs our support and please accept her apology,” he added


The anti-pornography Act of 2014 directs a 10 year jail term and payment of up to 10 million shillings to a person is found guilty of publishing pornographic materials.


However according to PCC chairperson Annette Kezaabu, after interrogating Nangendo, they found out that she was a victim of the circumstances.


“She has come out and given us more information and when someone gives us information like this then they turn witnesses and then we look for the people who published these things on a purpose which is what we are going to do.”


She warned all men who have an intension to blackmail women with nudes to desist from the vice as they will be brought to book.


“We know that there are people who call themselves bloggers out there, whose work is to get money from people who want to leak nudes. As a woman I will make sure we look for those bloggers and bring them to book.


Not this girl because she has said all she had to say and we have verified the information she has given to us,” said Kezaabu.

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