Ebola: Health Minister, WHO Officials Visit West Nile Region

A team from the Ministry of Health lead by Minister Dr Jane Ruth Aceng and World Health Organization visited the West Nile Region to assess the level of Ebola Virus Disease preparedness in the region.

Dr Aceng said that with the teams they visited the two boarder points of Oudramacaku and Lia.

“I had an interactive chat about Ebola with some of the communities and took this opportunity to educate them about how Ebola is spread and how it can be prevented,” she said.

The minister also revealed that they had other meetings with the district leadership and urged them to heighten surveillance given the trade that occurs between Uganda and DRC along the border districts.

“As the Ministry of Health we urge the District Leadership to strongly emphasized the district teams to strengthen sensitization of communities when it comes to Ebola”.

Dr Aceng added that within the next one week, vaccination teams will move to Arua to vaccinate frontline health workers and other workers who work in the health facilities and support the frontline health workers because this the most at risk population.

Oudramacaku boarder point is only 7 kilometers from Ariwara in the Democratic Republic of Congo where an Ebola Case was detected on Monday.

The two teams are making sure the whole district is prepared to handle any new cases of Ebola.






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