Easter Prayers: Archbishop Lwanga Challenges Government on Security

Kampala Archdiocese Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga has tasked government to work round the clock to put an end to the growing insecurity around the country.

Presiding over the Easter prayers at Lubaga Cathedral, pills Dr Lwanga spoke at length in light of last month’s cold blooded murder of police spokesperson AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi in Kulambiro as well as the coordinated attacks in the Southern districts of greater Masaka area where dozens of people been robbed and injured in their homes.

The bishop said it was appalling that a country that in the past prided itself in being peaceful and stable is now grappling with this level of insecurity.

Archbishop Lwanga said government needs to do more to secure the country
Archbishop Lwanga said government needs to do more to secure the country

“We exported peace and security to our neighboring countries like Somalia and South Sudan. What has happened to our own?” Dr. Cyprian Lwanga wondered.

“What we have done to other countries should be done here as well. Security organs like police and the army should do what is required of them to keep us secure.”

Lwanga also decried the souring cases of corruption and bribery which he said have retarded the country’s development in all sectors.

The resurrection of Jesus, he said, was meant to liberate everyone from evil but said this has not been the case in Uganda.

“God knew our weaknesses and gave Moses the commandments to deliver to us. They are still relevant to our lives.”


At the prayers, the Buganda Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga also expressed concern over the increasing acts of insecurity.

Buganda Prime Minister Charles Peter Mayiga receives Holy Communion
Buganda Prime Minister Charles Peter Mayiga receives Holy Communion

He said, “I recently spoke to the IGP about (Masaka) and he said this was simple robberies but it is alarming. If we can liberate our brothers in other countries, how can we be defeated by these small robbers?”

“People can’t live in fear here while we keep peace in other countries.”


Meanwhile, Archbishop Lwanga highlighted a need for warring parties to reconcile as the start for restoration of peace in the country.

The Church Choir
The Church Choir

“God gave us different tribes, religions and political parties and it is a gift we should embrace. Easter is a time for reconciliation with each other. That is what God wants of us,” Lwanga noted.

The Minister for Higher Education, Dr. John Chrysostom Muyingo backed the man of God on the existing security challenge, but added that government is not sitting back.

“Government is committed to fighting insecurity and other acts of evil in the country. We must therefore join hands with government to make this happen,” said the minister.

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