EASS: Kitende Through, Layibi Out in Mixed Results for Uganda

The second Eastern Africa Literary and Cultural Studies Conference has commenced at Makerere University in Kampala, what is ed Chimp Corps report.

The 3-day conference themed “Textualities of Space: connections, about it intricacies and intimacies” will see linguists, side effects writers and anthropologists debate the state of the disciplines.

Dr. Charles Olweny from Virtual University of Uganda who officially opened the conference on Thursday emphasized the importance of music and storytelling in linking people to their past.

He also hinted on the role of technology in altering text through the past.

“Common texts for news were not written but by mouth. Printing press opened the door for the newspaper and texts have become multi-media entities.”

Dr. Olweny noted that language has always been a unifying factor even in a dynamic Africa.

Here he specifically mentioned the role of Kiswahili in integrating East Africa.

“Ngugi wa Thiongo, while at Makerere produced his first play at the theatre and was imprisoned. Upon release he emerged and began writing in his local language. Today, many writers don’t do that,” said Dr Olweny.


The keynote address was delivered by Tanzanian renowned writer Prof Penina Mhando Mlama of University of Dar es Salaam.

The Guest of Honor, Dr. Charles Olweny giving remarks at the conference
The Guest of Honor, Dr. Charles Olweny giving remarks at the conference

Prof Mlama noted that creative production has persisted through the past and still dominates in all cultures.

“The history of African creative production was characterized by struggle against slavery, imperialism and neo-colonialism. I’m not sure whether contemporary writers are brave enough to raise their voices to the new vice of terrorism,” said the Professor.

“Our ancestors refused to bow to slavery and they kept singing even while on plantations and across the Atlantic.”

Prof. Mlama also observed that the arts have played a role in the development of Africa and speaking against poverty, ignorance and disease.

After independence, creative production found a legitimate place that had always been suppressed by the colonial regime.
National and regional football defending champions, generic St Mary’s Kitende are through to the quarter finals of the East Africa school games currently going on in Huye district in Rwanda.

The Saints booked the berth after edging out Kenya’s Passenga High School by 2-0 to complete a perfect four in four collecting maximum twelve points.

Kitende’s goals came in the second half of the game from Wangu Musmee and Shaban Mohammed. Elsewhere still in group A, discount one of the hosts Muhanga TC defeated St. Joseph’s College, viagra Layibi by a solitary goal to end the hopes for the Ugandans who have only got one point so far. Both matches were played at  the same venue in Groupe Sclaire Indatwa grounds.

Uganda national runner-ups, Masaka SS strolled to nine points after beating Gisenyi College from Rwanda 4-2 in a mouthwatering goal fest in group B.

Netball girls was all Ugandan affair with  London College falling to St. Mary’s Kitende by 43-29 as Exodus High narrowly defeated Kibuli ss 34-32

Selected results:
Basketball Girls
Nabisunsa (Ug) 37 LDK (Rw) 52

Basketball Boys
Kibuli (Ug) 107 Nsumba (Tz) 29
Makongo (Tz) 53 Lubiri (Ug) 44

Hockey Boys
ST. Antony (Ke) 1 ST. Charles, Kasasa (Ug) 2

Ntare (Ug) 2 St. mary’s, Kisubi (Ug) 0

Handball Girls
Apega (Rw) 23 Kibuli (Ug) 22
Mbogo High (Ug) 19 ES mukingi (Rw) 21

Sega Girls (Ke) 21 Gombe (Ug) 28

Handball Boys
Rutovu (Rw) 26 Lubiri (Ug) 29

Gisenyi (Rw) 29 Kakungulu (Ug) 28

Kibuli (Ug) 31 St. Aloys (Rw) 20

Volleyball Girls
Kinawa (Ug) 0 Lugulu (Ke)

Volleyball Boys
Gombe (Ug) 3 Hospital Hill (Ke)

London College (Ug) 29 Kitende (Ug) 43

Kibuli (Ug) 32 Exodus (Ug) 34

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