Earth Day: The Time is Now to Save Planet Earth

By: Masereka Charles Yoronimu

Every 22nd day of April of every year, symptoms the world joins hands to mark Earth Day, a day designated to demonstrate support for environmental protection as a catalyst for combating, mitigating and eliminating climate change in the world.

This year’s celebrations will be marked under the theme “Environmental and Climate Literacy”. The theme seeks to raise awareness among the populace about climate change and to empower everyone with the skills and knowledge to inspire action in defense of environmental protection.

This year’s celebration marks the first anniversary of the signing of the Paris Agreement, the very first universal and legally binding agreement on climate change involving every country in the world. The agreement was reached at the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) at the 21st session (COP21) in the French capital.

Planet Earth is under threat of climate change and pollution of both air and water and there is need for collective efforts to protect the environment. The rates of deforestation have shot up as people run out of alternative energy sources, especially in Africa where much of households live on wood generated energy for both home and production purposes.

The rate at which trees are getting cut doesn’t correlate with the rate of tree planting. Industrialization is another contributor to generation of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. With most countries especially developed ones only concentrating on building industries with no commitment to making climate action part of their operations as well as reducing emissions into the atmosphere, the earth is at risk.

It is everyone’s responsibility to protect, conserve and save the environment against degradation to make earth a habitable planet for everyone. On this Earth Day, we all need to take on a climate action activity as an input towards ensuring a clean environment.

Take the pledge today to be part of Climate Action and help us protect mother earth from depletion risks.


Some of the things one can do as a climate action input include but not limited to;

– Plant a Tree to help absorb pounds of carbon dioxide.

– Discuss greening habits at home, work, and in the community you live in.

– Train people on reducing water wastage.

– Organize a community trash pickup day.

– Host a presentation on the environment in a local school. This will help create the next generation of climate action ambassadors.

– Host a recycling drive.

– Organize a conservation awareness talk or walk.

– And help us ensure a Green Earth.

The Author is the Executive Director YAFRA Uganda and Greening Uganda campaign leader.

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