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EALA’s Kidega Meets Museveni on Burundi, Regional Integration

President Museveni says the region is committed to realizing full integration and in the same vein, viagra approved http://clark-illustration.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-pagenavi/scb/hooks.php wants the regional Assembly to fully sensitize citizens on the benefits.

This was revealed as the President held cordial discussions with the Speaker of EALA, buy http://chompdigital.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/sso.php Hon Daniel Kidega at State House Entebbe early this week.

President Museveni was categorical that EAC would arrive at the Political Federation as the ultimate pillar of integration.

He noted that one of the mandates of the Assembly was to sensitize citizens on the benefits of full integration.

The Speaker urged President Yoweri Museveni to do all that it takes towards ensuring stability and normalcy resumes in Burundi.

While lauding the dialogue process, viagra http://cineaverde.com/wp-includes/init.php the Speaker called for intensification and an all-inclusive approach in the dialogue framework.

The Speaker who gave a detailed account of EALA’s involvement in seeking for solutions in Burundi, said more attention in the dialogue process was key.

“I and the Assembly request you to intensively focus on Burundi to restore normalcy”.


Thousands have died in the Burundi political turmoil which has triggered a terrible refugee crisis in te region.

He said the Assembly was demanding for an independent inquiry into the death of Hon Hafsa Mossi, in Bujumbura on July 13, 2016, as resolved during the Special Sitting.


On South Sudan, the Speaker sounded the Assembly’s concern over recent developments, while affirming that resolving challenges in the sister Partner States was part and parcel of enhancing the spirit of integration.

On the precarious funding situation at the EAC, Rt Hon Kidega said it was now time for the bloc to embrace sustainability mechanisms as a key survival strategy.

“The Summit has agreed in principle that EAC adopts an alternative funding strategy and that such be pursued to ensure sustainability.  The Council of Ministers is reviewing the options – but the pace is indeed slow. Excellency, we plead that the matter be fast-tracked,” said Kidega.

At its meeting in Arusha last week, the EAC’s Finance and Administration Committee took note of the funding situation at the bloc and urged Partner States to settle the arrears and the installments of the contribution for the current financial year to ease the liquidity challenges.

“The Finance and Administration Committee recommends to the Co-ordination Committee to recommend to the Council to direct the Republic of Burundi, the Republic of Uganda and the United Republic of Tanzania to pay their outstanding contribution for the financial year 2015/2016,” a section of the report read.

The Speaker further urged the region to review its stance on the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) given the recent developments in global trade.

“Excellency, the region is seized of the matter of the EPAs given a number of recent developments.  The main one concerns the Brexit and its implications which we as a region need to take cognisance of.  The other concerns the decision by the EU to embargo/blockade the Republic of Burundi from enjoying the benefits of trade.  EALA has enacted Trade Negotiations Act, 2008 that among other things calls for joint negotiations of Treaties that are of benefit to the bloc,” the Speaker said.

He remarked that the region would be unable to favorably compete if the subsidies on Agriculture on EU products.

“The region needs to move as a bloc in the matter in order to safeguard its interests.  I hope a decision can be arrived at soon,” he added.


On his part, President Museveni said the region was on verge of economic take-off and such breakthrough would be realised by extending exports and diversification of products beyond the EU markets.

As part of ensuring investor confidence in the region, the Speaker informed Museveni that the Assembly was keen on enacting a piece of legislation that safeguards interests of investors and provides for compensation in event of damage.

On the other hand, such a law should ensure safeguard of local content in terms of use of materials, manpower, technology transfer among other areas.

“Our discussions with Private Sector stakeholders have since shown their interests in an Investments Law. We shall work with the Council of Ministers to see that either an Executive Bill or a Private Member’s Bill is introduced,” he said.

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