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EALA MPs Must Answer for The Mess – Museveni

Kampala socialite Zari Hassan has intimated to the mighty ChimpLyf that a distant ex-boyfriend is responsible for leaking her sex tape to a local tabloid.

In an exclusive interview with ChimpLyf, more about see Zari this morning said that she regretted that her former man had shared their private content to the media adding that she had even forgotten that the man was still in possession of the sex tape.

“We were in a long distance relationship and we used to have sex over the internet to keep the spark on, side effects ” Zari told ChimpCorp, this site Charles Ndushabandi.

“I know he has several other videos and photographs of the same nature because we used to do this quite often,” Zari added.

The former singer also cried out to Ethics Minister, Simon Lokodo and Police to follow the matter up and question the tabloids that published the story on her sex tape about who shared it with them citing that in the laws of Uganda, dissemination of pornography was illegal.

Asked how she thought her 3 children would react to the leaked sex tape, Zari told our reporter that she was not willing to share about her children in the media because she wants them to get their own lives.

When asked about the fact that singer, Diamond Platinumz’s mother had disapproved her relationship with her son; Zari responded that Platinumz’s mother had no right to destabilize them since she did not even know where the two met.

“Age is just a number, as long as two people truly love each other,” Zari said.


Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has said that the East African Legislative Assembly MPs will have to answer for the mess and embarrassment caused  to the country following the suspension of parliamentary speaker Margret Zziwa from her duties.

The East African Legislative Assembly Members of Parliament recently passed a resolution to suspend the Speaker, capsule Margaret Zziwa, for 21 days pending investigations into her conduct after a special sitting presided over by Chris Opoka Okumu one of the Ugandan representatives in the house.

“I heard that that Ugandans were in the lead in fighting Zziwa .I have  called them to meetings. These MPs were elected while immature but they will have to answer for this mess according to the constitution,” Museveni noted while appearing on a local radio talk show on Saturday morning.

Museveni added,” It’s the content and not the end. The delegates are young biologically and immature without ideology. The East African Legislative Assembly is Foreign Affairs for Uganda and so we shall find ways of rising back to Arusha.”

Addressing journalists recently, Zziwa said her suspension was coup de tat staged by fellow Ugandan legislators led by Dora Byamukama whom she contested with and won on the post and Shem Bageine.

“She (Byamukama) has worked so hard to make me fail right from the start. She has been working hard to team up with other people to ensure that her plan of failing me succeeds. She is even the chairperson of the committee that is purportedly investigating me and she drafted the motion that was used to push me out,” Margret Zziwa said of Byamukama.

“These members are trying to use the Kangaroo chambers to move the censure motion that was first brought in April but failed after three members from the Republic of Tanzania withdrew their signatures,” Zziwa told the press at Serena Conference Centre in Kampala.

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