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EALA Meltdown as Zziwa Refuses to Leave Office

The Vice President, stomach http://clintonhouse.com/wp-includes/class-walker-comment.php Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi has asked the Ministry of Public Service to work closely with the Office of the Prime Minister to ensure that renewal of contracts for senior civil servants is based on good performance and effective delivery of services to the people.

Ssekandi made the remarks while officially opening the retreat for Ministers, story http://cybermed.edu.my/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/includes/validation.php Ministers of State, click Permanent Secretaries and representatives of local governments at Speke Resort Munyonyo on Tuesday.

The Vice President tasked each sector to carry out a critical analysis of their performance and clearly identify areas that require improvement to enhance service delivery.

Ssekandi also implored the participants to implement the recommendations from the 5 day retreat aimed at appraising Government annual performance for financial year 2013/2014 and budgeting for 2015/16.

The Prime Minister Dr Ruhakana Rugunda said the Financial Year 2013/2014 was the third year of the implementation of the NRM manifesto which is focused on better service delivery, job creation and consolidation of the rule of law.

He said emphasis should be put on commercialization of agriculture and development of the oil and gas sector whose proceeds will be used to improve infrastructure and human resource development for prosperity of all Ugandans.

“Assessments which have been carried out indicate that the status of implementation of actions and commitments outlined in the NRM manifesto is on track with 84% of the actions showing good progress,” Rugunda said.

He said Cabinet adopted a recommendation to have all local governments included in the government assessment framework starting with the annual government performance report for financial year 2013/2014.


According to the assessment which covered 111 districts and 22 municipal councils, only 50 out of the 111 districts performed well in all the functional areas of roads and engineering, water, education, health, production and marketing and natural resources.

Areas of good performance under the roads and engineering function were periodic maintenance of urban unpaved roads and periodic maintenance of district roads.

Good performance was also registered for the functionality of rural water points under the water sector and distribution of agricultural inputs to farmers under production and marketing.

Jinja, Bushenyi and Sironko are among the best performing districts while Bulambuli, Lamwo and Kole are among the least performing districts based on the indicators assessed for each local government.

The First Lady and Minister for Karamoja Affairs, Janet Museveni highlighted the key achievements in the transformation of Karamoja mainly in the areas of peace and security, water, food security and infrastructure development.

She said establishing security and stability is a prerequisite for any meaningful and sustainable development, adding that the NRM Government is focused and committed to the development of Karamoja.

The Chairman of Chief administrative officers and also Chief administrative officer (CAO) for Adjumani district, Dustan Balaba on behalf of all CAO’s made a commitment to improving service delivery in local Governments.

He said the variance between the budget and output performance was as a result of assessment which considered only service delivery sectors and the inability to match funding with targets in addition to poor data management.

Balaba also raised the issue of staffing levels, explaining that best performing districts were well staffed with the required human resource, compared to the least performing districts.

The Commander of Operation wealth creation, General Salim Saleh also made presentation on strategies for enhancing agricultural productivity.

He said Government should come up with measures to address post-harvest losses which range from 40 percent to 50 percent for crops grown such as maize, rice and millet.
Prof. Venansius Baryamureeba, approved http://danielpyne.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/site-icon.php PhD.

The Parliament of Uganda elected Rt. Hon. Zziwa Nantongo Member of Parliament for the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) just like any other representative from Uganda. So any one of the representatives from Uganda could have been Speaker for EALA.

But Rt. Hon. Zziwa was elected by at least 2/3 of the members to be Speaker of EALA by EALA members. Now at least 2/3 of the same EALA members have lost confidence in her. In a Parliamentary system of governance when the majority of the members lose confidence in you, doctor resignation is the honorably thing to do.

Last night, as I watched NTV news I was shocked to see Rt. Hon. Zziwa coming up with all sorts of excuses to justify her stand not to resign from office.

As she tried to justify her stand, the more I pitted her. All the reasons she fronted to do with attendance of EALA members, alleged shifting of the headquarters of EALA to another country etc are not for her as Speaker to unilaterally decide on but for all members of EALA.

Rt. Hon. Zziwa needs to know that she holds a political office. So when she starts blaming her woes on Hon. Dora Byamukama, it shoes that she lacks political maturity. If my memory serves me right Hon.

Dora Byamukama resigned from the legal affairs committee alongside other commissioners last month. Furthermore, in her own admission she states that the Minister for East African Affairs from Uganda and the Secretary General of the East African Community are among those fighting her. How can she fell out with everybody and expect to continue serving and being effective as Speaker?

In the same 09.00 pm NTV news of yesterday, there was news to the effect that the Minister/Secretary for Internal Affairs and the Inspector General of Police of Kenya had resigned to take political responsibility for the massacres that recently took place in Northern Kenya. That was Honorable. I wish Rt. Hon. Zziwa could do the same and save Uganda the embarrassment.

Since 2/3 of EALA members have lost confidence in her, the Parliament of Uganda or Heads of State wont save her either.
Singer Bebe Cool’s wife and baby mama, discount http://christlutheran.org/wp-includes/class-wp-roles.php Zuena Kirema, page has taken to social media to trash reports that she fought with her husband in South Africa for smooching a Zulu video vixen.

Zuena defended her husband saying that it wouldn’t be the first time Bebe Cool has kissed a video vixen because it is all an act and means nothing.

She was also quick to remind journalists that her husband wouldn’t do it if she were uncomfortable with it.

She also shared pictures taken on the video set with one where she had the Zulu video vixen and judging from the way the two women were smiling, it can be said that there is no bad blood between them.

“Lol so Peng Peng is busy misleading people that I fought my husband after watching him kiss a girl in a video, ha-ha. It’s not the first time I am watching him kiss a girl in a video shoot, it’s called acting. Besides, this is the life we chose to live,” Zuena said on her Facebook page.

“I wouldn’t allow him to do so if I was uncomfortable with it. We are happy because it was a successful video shoot. Wait for it and you’ll see what I am talking about.”

This was after Peng who happens to be Bebe Cool’s good friend took to Facebook and reprimanded Bebe for the way he treats his wife, Zuena.

Peng Peng said that kissing a video vixen during the ‘Everywhere I go’ video shoot while Zuena is looking was a sign of disrespect to the mother of his children.

The outspoken blogger went ahead to tell the ‘Nkola Byafayo’ singer to apologize to his wife or else he (Bebe) would regret.

He also warned Bebe’s legion of loyal fans to refrain from abusing him (Peng Peng) or else he would leak the Gagamel boss’ secrets.

Several people on social media commended her for supporting her husband through everything and told Peng Peng to mind his own business.

Given that Peng Peng is not one to take any ridicule lying down; it is obvious that he will shoot back at Bebe Cool and Zuena. This might result into one of the biggest feuds in the entertainment industry.


Zuena with the video vixen in question
Zuena with the video vixen in question
The East Africa Legislative Assembly (EALA) is headed for tough times after speaker Margaret Zziwa, approved http://darkon.org/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-filesystem-ftpext.php who was suspended last week, http://childrensclasses.org/wp2012/wp-includes/ms-deprecated.php vowed she would not quit the powerful office.

On November 26, http://cortrium.com/wp-admin/includes/file.php EALA clerk Kenneth Madete wrote to Zziwa that the assembly convened on that day “for purpose of rule 9(6) on the rules of the Assembly resolved to reinstate the process of removal of the speaker and elected Chris Opoka Okumu to preside over proceedings.”

Madete further revealed that Hon Peter Mathuki tabled motion for the removal of speaker which was interpreted on April 1 2014.

“The assembly referred the motion to the committee on legal, rules and privileges to investigate and report its findings to the assembly for debate,” he added.

“The commission was given 21 days within which to finalise its investigations and report back to the assembly and suspend you from exercising the functions of the speaker until investigations by the committee are completed and the motion concluded upon,” Madete told Zziwa, sparking off a political crisis at the regional lawmaking body.

Chimpreports has seen a confidential letter sent to Madete, informing him of her intentions to maintain a firm grip on the office of speaker.

“I contend that I will not act on an illegality to vacate office until properly advised by the CTC or another competent courts of law,” vowed Zziwa in the leaked letter.

Officials say Zziwa’s determination to defy her rivals’ orders could trigger instability and paralysis at the Arusha-based Parliament.

The move, diplomats have warned, could as well damage relations between Kampala and some countries whose MPs are championing the idea of toppling Zziwa.

Zziwa is accused of dictatorship, forming cliques, allowing family members to interfere with EALA business and failure to consult members before taking key decisions that affect the assembly.

The censure motion was signed by a total of 29 out of 45 members, 5 of whom are Ugandans. The others are 9 from Rwanda, 9 from Burundi, 4 from Kenya only 2 from Tanzania.

EALA clerk's letter to Zziwa informing her of the Assembly's decision to suspend her from office
EALA clerk’s letter to Zziwa informing her of the Assembly’s decision to suspend her from office

Section 9 of The Assembly’s Rules of Procedure, requires that a censure motion of that nature must be supported by a minimum of four representatives from each member country.

The fact that only two Tanzanian MPs supported the motion has since stalled Zziwa’s expulsion, which she says has driven the members to devise other illegal means as amending the rules.

Zziwa on Tuesday told the media in Kampala that her woes are the handiwork of MP Dorah Byamukama whom she beat in the June 2012 speakership poll, but openly declined accepting defeat.

“She has since vowed to do all it takes to fight me. I can tell you that she is the drafts-person of this censure motion,” said the embattled Speaker.

All grounds on which the legislators intend to throw her out, she says, are baseless, illegal, and money driven and that she intends to challenge the outcomes of the committee findings in courts of law.

Overthrowing Zziwa

In her letter dated November 27, Zziwa said the directive to vacate her office given by the 32 members is over and above the powers given to any committee formal or informal under our rules of procedure or even the treaty.

“The flouted rule quoted of 9 (6) even where the conditions based on are met does not extend to suspension of the speaker from exercising the functions of the office of the Speaker. It only talks about “shall not preside over the proceedings.”’

Zziwa further said, “Even if you wish to extend the interpretation, this cannot extend to suspension of office. I see this as an overzealous extension leading to an illegality. The annex 3 of the rules of procedure quoted and against Article 56 of the treaty quoted – on the absence of the speaker is very explicit.”

The clause, she added, talks of “the absence of the speaker” and envisages that this absence has to be planned.

“So Annex 3 provides now the election of the member can be done and it is very candid in the presence of the speaker at that informal meeting,” she advised.

Zziwa fires back in a missive to EALA clerk and vows she will not vacate the office
Zziwa fires back in a missive to EALA clerk and vows she will not vacate the office

How plan was hatched

Zziwa explained to Madete that, “You are pretty aware that I was present and at no time was I absent and that at about 12 noon when you came to deliver the summons by the members to appear in the informal meeting. I advised that you can seek the CTC legal opinion. You are also equally aware that I chaired the commission at 10:30am the same day in the same premises at County hall.”

She elaborated that, “Having adjourned the House on Tuesday November 2014, to Wednesday at 2:30pm. I was ready to come for the House by 2:15pm already dressed in part of the chamber regalia, only to wait for you and the Sergeants at Arms for the Speaker’s procession from then till 4:30pm. You or the sergeant even never picked my calls or from my office only to be delivered with the letter of suspension.”

EALA being a lawmaking body, warned Zziwa, “it is expected that we should equally preserve the law especially the treaty and our rules of procedures. I wish to get the explanation and interpretation of all these irregularities which are definitely illegalities. The matter of bringing back the motion on the censure of the speaker is a matter that must be for the interpretation of Court Parliamentary Practice states that of any member is dissatisfied with the ruling of the speaker, he or she goes to court to see redress.”

She wondered how an informal meeting cannot take the onus of “resuscitating a motion that was rendered moot by action of the very movers of the motion.”

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