EALA Hopeful Okwere Lectures Youths Fighting Poverty

David Beecham Okwere, a youth ambassador to the East African Community, on Friday addressed youth at the International University of East Africa, urging them to work together to fight the biggest problem among the youth which is unemployment, preserve entrepreneurial discipline and network.

Okwere made the call at to the youth at an International Youth Day event organized by Young Bosses, an initiative at the international University of East Africa and Africa Elevation.

The international youth day this year was held under the theme; “The road to 2030: eradicating poverty and achieving sustainable production and consumption.

The youth were advised by Mr Okwere on how to foster sustainable poverty eradication in Africa and maintain the strong conviction that Africa holds the power to be self sustaining; from the most rudimentary to the most intrinsic levels of African Economy.

“Youth are the seeds of the world. If you destroy a seed, that means you have no plant, no fruits and you will starve. This simply means the seeds are the future generation so in this case the youth are the future so they should look at themselves as the seeds,” Okwere who is eying a seat in the next regional legislative assembly said.

The youths had a one-week training on how to start businesses from scratch with emphasis on risk analysis, gathering market information and entrepreneurship as a managerial style.

The event was the first of its kind and they hope to carry it on every other year so that they can empower more youth to share life teaching experiences with their fellows.


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