EAC’s Sezibera Visits Roofings’ New Factory

Presidential hopeful Amama Mbabazi has announced plans to commence his consultation meetings next week, viagra purchase Chimp Corps report.

Mbabazi said in a YouTube video on Friday that his countrywide engagements would kick off on Monday, sales more about September 7.

He did not reveal where he would start from.

Asked by one of his aides whether he would go out for consultations, buy information pills Mbabazi responded: “Yes, of course. I am.”

He elaborated: “I have given a notice to police and local councils; I hope to begin on Monday, 7th September.”

Mbabazi’s planned consultation meetings were blocked by police in July with the law enforcement body saying he had not fulfilled the requirements of the Public Order Management Law.

Police also advised Mbabazi to harmonise his programme with the Electoral Commission and his ruling NRM party which had denounced him.

The former NRM Secretary General would later rule out standing on the NRM ticket, saying his presidential ambitions had been frustrated by the state’s intimidation and harassment of his supporters.


Asked whether he was still a candidate in the presidential race, Mbabazi observed: “I am not a candidate yet. I am an aspirant. You become a candidate after nomination.”

He further pointed out that he is “doing everything possible to get the things that I require to have to qualify to be a candidate.”

Mbabazi spoke about his meeting with The Democratic Alliance officials in Kampala on Thursday: “I have just been to the summit at TDA where I was invited. I had good discussions with them on the forthcoming elections.”

It remains unclear if Mbabazi will choose to stand as the representative of TDA or independent in the 2016 presidential elections.
The Secretary General of the East African Community, medications Amb. Dr Richard Sezibera on Thursday paid a working visit to Roofings Rolling Mills 2nd plant in Namanve Industrial Park.

The Secretary General was accompanied by Hon. Dr. James Shinyabulo Mutende, Uganda’s Minister of State for Industry, Dennis Karera, the Chair of the East African Business Council (EABC) and the Ag. CEO, Lilian Awinja.

Hussein Omar, the EABC Uganda Chapter Chair, Dr. Samuel M. Nyantahe, Chairman of Confederation of Tanzania Industries, Amb. Jean Rigi, Burundi’s Permanent Secretary for EAC Affairs, and Commissioner Rona Sserwada from Uganda’s Ministry of EAC Affairs also visited the large steel plant.

The Chair of EABC Dennis Karera seeks more explanation of the operations of the Group from the Chair and Mananging Director,  Lalalni after the tour of the Plant.
The Chair of EABC Dennis Karera seeks for more explanation on the operations of the Group from the Chair and Mananging Director, Lalani after the tour of the Plant.

Welcoming the Secretary General to the Plant, the Chairman and Managing Director of the Roofings Group, Sikander Lalani said it was gratifying that Amb. Sezibera’s visit to the plant came immediately after the 1st East African Manufacturing Business Summit.

Lalani said the deliberations at the Summit were all geared towards job creation for the youth, increasing value addition, quality assurance, enhancing tax revenues, fair trade and most importantly, boosting the region’s economic standing in the world.

Lalani told the Secretary General of various issues that must be addressed at the regional level in order to boost the growth of the steel sector for example the need to increase the EAC Common External Tariff (CET) on galvanized wire to 25% in the region and the Re-bars to have either a fixed import tax rate based on volume at $250 EAC CET per tonne or based on value at 25% CET, whichever is higher.

The CEO also proposed removing cold rolled coils, galvanized coils and pre-painted coils removed from the duty remission schemes of Rwanda and Burundi.

He also requested the region to put in place a robust quality assurance system by way of adopting regional standards in the steel sector as well as putting in place a level playing field in tax administration.

He further urged Partner States’ governments to prioritize and enhance local/regional content for infrastructural and donor funded projects as a way of promoting the Buy East African, Build East Africa campaign.

Lalani disclosed that the Group was employing people from the region without any discrimination for as long as they have the required skills and ability to deliver.

He assured the Secretary General that the firm was keen on investing in the entire region depending on the enabling environment in terms of import duty policies, level of playing field and availability of markets.

The Minister of State for Industry, Dr. Mutende assured the Secretary General and investors in the region that Uganda Government was working to address all the issues impacting on her business environment including a reduction in energy costs.

EABC Chair, Karera called for a meeting of steel producers and stakeholders before the end of September 2015 to address the issues impacting on business in the sector in the region, adding that a regional code of conduct was being developed and will be considered for adoption at the November EAC Heads of State Summit.

In his remarks, Amb. Dr. Sezibera congratulated Lalani for the massive and quality investment in Uganda and the wider East African region.

He said that some of the issues raised were already being addressed by the EAC Secretariat, the Council of Ministers and EABC.

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