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EAC Summit: Uhuru Calls for Removal of Bureaucracy to Attract Investors

President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya has called upon East African Heads of States to consider doing away with a number of impediments and bureaucracy that might scare off investors in the region.

Uhuru made the call while addressing delegates during the 19th EAC Heads of State Summit and Joint retreat at Common Wealth Resort Munyonyo.

Uhuru said he is a strong believer in the Public Private Partnership (PPP) model of financing development infrastructure and thus associated himself with the resolutions taken at the summit.

Uhuru however advised that if projects are to run faster in the region, different member States must consider doing away with bureaucratic measures that tend to delay investments.

“We frustrate investors by the many bureaucratic tendencies that tend to scare off a number of them; we need to do much in order to attract more investors by as well removing several impediment to trade,” Uhuru said.

The Kenyan leader also highlighted the need to market East Africa as a destination of 160 million people to attract the investment needed in infrastructure and health.

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