E.O.C Boss and Group Sent to High Court for Trial

Anti-corruption court Chief Magistrate Pamella Lamunu has committed to High court Sylvia Muhebwa Ntambi the interdicted head of Equal Opportunity Commission (E.O.C) and her co-accused for trial in the next convenient session.

Ntambi is charged with Corruption, Embezzlement and Abuse of office.

This followed the request by State Prosecutor Harriet Ongom to have the file forwarded to High court for trial.

Having received no objection from the same, the Magistrate committed all accused persons who were in court except one who had gone to receive medical attention.

“Since all the accused persons present in court understood the facts and details of the indictment, I therefore commit you to High court for trial.”

The prosecution says it will produce evidence to prove that this crime was syndicated and all the suspects tried to shield each other

The evidence include identity cards to prove that the accused were employees of an Agency of Government, Work plan for the Financial Year, Percel Book from E.O.C , Bank statements for all accused persons and other documents they may deem necessary.

The DPP says the accused have no valid defence for their illegal actions, and therefor asked that court convicts them and orders them to compensate the government for the losses they caused.


The remaining person will be committed on December 14th 2020.

Prosecution contends that on 19th November 2019 while being employed as chairperson of Equal Opportunity Commission with other employees of the commission, the accused conspired to defraud Government of money which was meant for auditing the Rural Electrification plan

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