Dysentery Outbreak Reported in Kabale

A dysentery outbreak has been reported in Burambira parish in Kaharo sub county, Kabale district.

Gilbert Bamwanga the Burambira Parish Councillor in Kaharo says four members of the same family in Omukyisyama village have so far been diagnosed with the disease.

One of the family members, he says, died last Wednesday.

Following the sudden death, Maziba health Centre IV officials came to conduct a post mortem, which confirmed dysentery.

Bamwaga adds that the health worker also tested the rest of the three family members and found that they also have the disease.

The outbreak is now being linked to the contamination of major water sources in the area since the recent rains washed away several toilets in the area.

Even though the patients are getting treatment from home and are improving, Bamwanga fears that the number of cases may be higher, and not being reported.

Alfred Besigensi, the Acting Kabale District Health Officer when contacted, said  he sent a health worker from Maziba health Centre IV to the area, but he has not received the report.

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