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The students in different institutes are asked to write research work on the same pattern. The pattern guides them to write research articles free of copyright issues.  The plagiarism found in submitted work is not a good symbol for the student’s study life. The professors take these students as not brilliant. They claim that the work provided to them is stolen work. It is considered to be a severe crime in the academic world. For this purpose, the students get struck off from their universities.

Sometimes students do these mistakes intentionally, but not all the time they do so. For example, the main reason for punishment is that they have stolen someone’s genuine definitions. They might forget to put quotation marks around the actual words of the authors. It would also be skipped from the student’s mind to provide a reference to the main author. One more reason could be there that the student is using his/her definition in another new work of them.

Benefits of using a copyright checker:

The students can check plagiarism by using any of the available plagiarism tools from the internet. But all the students must be aware of all the benefits that a present tool provides. Not bringing all the features into use does not let the students check plagiarism in an efficient way. Some benefits are listed below:

Saves a lot of time:

The best plagiarism checker tests the content around billions of sites and produces accurate results. This task becomes impossible for human beings as they cannot perform checking through millions or billions of information sites. 

Rewriting facility:

The sentences are rewritten automatically by the online plagiarism checkers. The students do not have to do this by themselves. The copyright tool provides a paraphrasing facility. 

Distinct format of files:

The best similarity checkers let the students upload the files in multiple formats. The tools do not restrict the students to be specified with any specific format. The digital tools check plagiarism for all kinds of formats like .pdf, .odt, .rtf, .txt, .doc, .tex, and .docx. 

Integration of a particular URL:

There will be different types of methods by which the students can enter the data to test for copyright problems. They are welcome to integrate or pasted the required address of a website into the given area of the tool you are using at that time. 

Reporting feature:

The best anti-plagiarism tool comes up with an amazing feature that permits students to download the similarity report. This report will work as a piece of evidence. It will let you authorize to send it to the opposite parties.  

Indicating the best performing plagiarism checker free:


You can search out many tools online. Some of them will never ask you to pay for enjoying their services. But some tools are free of cost serving. A few competitive tools are listed here:


The online plagiarism checker by Duplichecker will work free of cost for you. You will be able to test 1000 words for no cost. The students can provide the files in different formats like .odt, .pdf, .docx, .txt etc. Any URL of a particular website can also be given to this free plagiarism tool. 

The more attractive characteristics of this copyrighted tool can be enjoyed by purchasing its Pro version. The paid version of duplichecker will search deeply. Then students might be able to check 10, 000 words for plagiarism. It entertains you with high-quality results. The users get disturbed by ads that play during the process of plagiarism checking. But employing the pro version, no ads will be there.


It will take the fantastic plagiarism checker free tools. The blogger or content writers use it for increasing revenues. You will find all the plagiarized content by checking from this similarity tool. Just one use click is required to use it for better results. There is no limit to words. The users can check unlimited words for plagiarism. Over more than 16 billion websites, the content is checked.


The best plagiarism checker free tool on this list is Turnitin. It is being utilized by many of the programs and courses. All kinds of classes are welcome to utilize it. The detection of plagiarism becomes possible, even not highlighting the unique content. The originality of the article can be guessed easily. The copied references are also taken into account for plagiarism found in your work. 

The right side of the user-interface is filled up with plagiarized content. The user can easily rewrite the specific piece of information. The user stays safe from rewriting the whole article again. The students are suggested to remove similar phrases from the assignment if possible. If removing the sentence is not the solution, then try to modify it in a pretty manner.  

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