DTB Celebrates Customer Service Week, Invests in Digital Teller

Diamond Trust Bank (U) Ltd last week (from 10th – 15th October) celebrated the customer service week across all the country branches in order to appreciate their customers for the support they have offered to them over the time.

“The customer feels special and is appreciated in the sense that we acknowledge their presence to be the growth for us and the bank. The bank will benefit by having satisfied and appreciated customers who will double working with us and also recommend us to next customer possible. The bank dedicates this event to understanding each customer’s needs, no rx improving our services based on feedback, dosage and really appreciating the customers by celebrating their journey with the bank and involving them in the activities planned for the day.” Varghese Thambi, the MD DTB said.

Diamond Trust Bank is well positioned to be a preferred Omni-channel digital bank for the future, for all demographics throughout the life cycle, without change in account number from one class of account to the next one.

DTB has also embarked on the digitization journey with the setup of Digital Lobbies at strategic branches.

Taking steps into this journey is the new entrant “DIGITAL TELLER” which allows the customer to deposit cash in 4 denominations – from UGX 5,000 to UGX 50,000 with 200 notes (even assorted) in one batch, with an option to add any number of batches.

The Digital Teller accepts the currency, rejects fake currency and credit to the account then and there, which will be followed by a credit alert to the Mobile phone of the customer.

Cash deposit is a card-less option, by which even the agents/representatives of customers will be able to deposit cash and get instantaneous credit to the account even at 11 PM or 3 AM!

Mr. Thambi added that in DTB, now you can see banking and customer service without banking officers through the Digital Tellers, Banking operations without infrastructure using Mobile Banking or I-Banking, Payments without any intermediary using PAYEASY and most importantly, the real Omni-channel Banking experience across all the 38 branches in Uganda and 120 branch network across Kenya, Tanzania Uganda and Burundi.

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