Drought Threatens Isingiro Quarantine Implementation

Officials in the western Isingiro district have expressed fear that the currently raging drought in the area could exacerbate the recently declared Foot and Mouth Disease.

The District Veterinary Officer Dr. Bruhan Kasozi says the district is currently experiencing what could be its worst dry spell in a decade.

Government through the Minister of Agriculture last month declared 10 year quarantine extension on cattle in and out of Isingiro district.

The DVO however, pill notes now that farmers because of the dry spell, are being forced to cross their herds into Tanzania to look for pastures and water, yet this is where the epidemic is believed to have come from.

The situation he says has worsened that some animals have started dropping dead.

Farmers are being advised to purchase water harvesting equipment and excavate small valley tanks in their farms for the moment.

DHO Isingiro Dr. Bruhan Kasozi speaks to Chimpreports on the drought in the district.
DHO Isingiro Dr. Bruhan Kasozi speaks to Chimpreports on the drought in the district.

One of the residents in Isingiro Emmy Mucunguzi told Chimpreports it’s not just the animals that have been affected by the drought, but also residents who are facing starvation.

Commenting on the farmers’ stress, the Isingiro RDC Herbert Muhangi confirmed that 8 government dams have so far dried up and that his office is aware of the challenge.


Recently the minister for Animal Husbandry Joy Kabatsi visited Isingiro district and extended the quarantine in Isingiro to another 10 years after she failed to reach an agreement with the district LC V chairman Kamurari Jeremaya.

RDC Herbert confirmed that the FMD is still in the area but an extension of the quarantine would not be a solution, but rather the immunization and treatment.

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