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DRONE SAGA: NTV, State House Row Deepens

The parish priest of Kikore Church of Uganda in Kamuganguzi Archdeaconry Diocese of Kigezi has been arrested on allegations that he defiled a sixteen year old girl.

Rev. William Asiimwe was arrested on Thursday at around 3 pm from his place of work with the said minor who is a student of Kamuganguzi St. Jonan Luwum Secondary School in Kabale district.

On hearing the news, salve http://cycling.today/wp-includes/class-feed.php the locals stormed the church premises to lynch him but he was saved by police who managed to whisk him away to Katuna police station before transferring him to Kabale Central Police Station on Friday morning.

Elly Maate the Kigezi regional police spokesman confirmed the arrest of Asiimwe yesterday, adiposity revealing that investigations into the case number CRB 206/2016 are underway.

“It’s unfortunate, viagra sale a man of his caliber who is supposed to protect God’s flock to be doing what we are hearing. We are investigating to establish the truth of the matter and it is true he will be arraigned in court to answer charges accordingly,” said Maate.

Sources close to the reverend informed us that he is married to one Rev. Peace Ndyamuhaki who works as Chaplain at a distant Kamwezi High School in Rukiga county, Kabale district

Rev Asiimwe is the second clergy in the diocese to be implicated in sexual abuse, the other being Rev. Julius Kyarikunda, the parish priest of Ikamiro Church of Uganda in Muko Archdeaconry, who was accused of impregnating a disabled parishioner.
The fight between private broadcaster NTV and State House has escalated with two parties failing to agree on who should cover president Museveni’s rallies.

State House early this week ordered NTV team to leave Museveni’s campaign trail after the broadcaster stopped airing drone footage of the ruling party presidential candidate’s rallies.


In a social media engagement, viagra buy http://decksplushouston.com/wp-admin/includes/class-automatic-upgrader-skin.php Daniel Kalinaki who supervises content on Nation Media platforms in Uganda said the footage should never have been run in the very first place as it was in violation of the media house’s editorial policy guidelines.

Kalinaki further said the drone footage also gave an unfair advantage to whoever benefitted from it.

He went ahead to explain that NTV’s first position was to ask that NRM “continues running the footage as long as they clearly labelled it as coming from NRM, capsule http://centristnetblog.com/wp-admin/maint/repair.php again in keeping with our policies.”

Despite this, medicine http://checkhimout.ca/testing/wp-includes/class-wp-rewrite.php said Kalinaki, “the footage continued to run without attribution, blurring the lines between what was our content, and what was content from the candidate’s camp.”

He said because NTV doesn’t have any control over the integrity of the footage, “we took a decision to return to the policy guideline and ban all footage from any political camp. There is nothing political about this. It is purely a professional decision.”

Inside story

ChimpReports has exclusively learnt that after NTV was kicked out of Museveni’s camp, Kalinaki tried several times to call State House staff over the matter.

Senior government officials refused to pick his calls. He sent them messages which they also refused to respond to.

Sources told this website that State House suspects that Kalinaki, the author of the controversial biography of opposition leader Kizza Besigye (Kizza Besigye & Uganda’s Unfinished Revolution) has an agenda against Museveni.

Officials wondered how NTV allowed the drone footage to run for several weeks if it was in contravention of the house rules.

“How can we be penalised for using superior technology over other candidates? This footage is obtained from our rallies. There is no forgery. If Kalinaki has issues with our advanced technology, opposition candidates should be encouraged to buy their own drones,” said a high ranking official in State House.

On Friday, NTV boss Aggie Konde contacted State House to resolve the matter amicably. Konde explained that the broadcaster suspected the integrity of the drone footages.

She further said NTV was willing to use the drone footages as long as they were attributed.

State House staff said they had no problem with attribution but banning content obtained from their rallies raised suspicion of a sinister plot against the ruling party’s candidate.

Konde then suggested that reporter Maurice Ochol should be withdrawn from the field and replaced with Emma Mutaizibwa.

She further elaborated that Ochol appears “tired” and that NTV remained keen on pulling him out from the president’s campaign trail.

Sources said this meant a fresh vetting of new reporters which security officials rejected as “time-wasting” and “disruptive” ahead of the February 2016 elections.

NRM campaign PR manager Rogers Mulindwa is said to have bought the idea of replacing Ochol with Mutaizibwa but security officials told this website they suspect a hidden agenda in the change.

Ochol has been covering Museveni’s campaign trail for the last two months.

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