Driver Pins Colleagues in Theft of Underground Cables

Drama unfolded at Buganda road court on Wednesday as a 41-year man Ibrah Katabalwa, turned against his co-accused and pinned them for stealing underground cables and other equipment belonging to Uganda Telecom.

Appearing before grade one Magistrate Marion Mangeni on Wednesday, Katabalwa started by changing his plea to guilty.

Katabalwa and four others are accused of stealing copper wires belonging to Uganda Telecom from Wandegeya valued at 30 million shillings

In his testimony, Katabalwa a truck driver, informed court that he was contacted by Abdallahtif Mugabi aka Manager, asking to hire his Fuso truck to help them (as UTL) in their work of upgrading of underground cables which he brought.

“He told me that the reason why the operation was being done at night was to avoid being interrupted by pedestrians and harsh weather conditions.”

Katabalwa informed court that he has been driving this group for a long time and is headed by one of the accused, Latif.

“The stolen cables are taken to Peter in Kisenyi who later on transfers them to Nairobi where they are sold at a higher Price,” he revealed.

Katabalwa also told court that Abdulatif is a highly connected person who has done this job for long and gained a lot of money from it.


He added that recently, Latif used some of the money to wed his wife, travel abroad and build his home at Kawuku on Entebbe road

Asked why he participated in stealing the UTL cables, the Katabalwa said he was convinced by his co-accused that they were dong lawful activities.

Prosecution contends that Frederick Mwambu, Bernard Wataka, Andrew Onyangai a Police officer at Wandegeya with others still at large, in the night of October 20th 2018 at Wandegeya, damaged, removed and tampered with approximately 250 meters of copper cables belonging to UTL.


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