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DRC’s Opposition Leader Martin Fayulu Rejects Election Outcome

Opposition candidate Martin Fayulu has rejected as “fabricated” and “rigged” the election results that saw Felix Tshisekedi declared president of the Democratic Republic of Congo on Thursday morning.

“You know that this announcement is the fruit of results that were tampered with, invented and fabricated. These results have nothing to do with the truth of the ballots,” said Fayulu.

He said no Congolese citizen can “tolerate such treachery, which is a serious assault on the dignity of our country and our people.”

Tshisekedi will be sworn in as President on January 18, 2019 if Fayulu does not seek redress before the Constitutional Court.

Fayulu’s next course of action remains unclear.

Security forces have been heavily deployed in the country’s major cities especially Kinshasa.

Tshisekedi emerged victorious in the competitive race with more than 38 percent of the votes cast on December 30.

Fayulu came in second with 35 percent while outgoing President Joseph Kabila’s preferred candidate Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary trailed with 24 percent.


The election has raised fears of a possible backdoor deal between Kabila and Tshisekedi to sideline Fayulu whom many thought had won the election.

Tshisekedi has since dismissed the accusation as false and called upon losers and the outgoing leader to work together for the development of DRC.

He also reassured on his commitment to fight corruption and restore stability in Eastern Congo.

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