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DRC’s Fayulu Challenges Tshisekedi Election in Court

Martin Fayulu has today Saturday filed a petition at the Constitutional Court challenging the outcome of the recently concluded presidential elections in Democratic Republic of Congo.

The opposition candidate, who lost to Felix Tshisekedi, says the election results were forged and amounted to an “electoral coup.”

Fayulu said he asked Court to do a “manual counting” of all votes cast, saying the results released by the electoral commission were at odds with what private observers of the Catholic Church collected. 

“The results proclaimed by the CENI do not correspond to the truth reflected by ballot boxes,” said Fayulu.

“They were concocted. I demand the manual recount of all votes for the three elections (presidential, national and provincial legislative),” he added. 

According to results released recently, Fayulu obtained 34 percent of the total votes cast, losing to Tshisekedi who carried the day with 38 percent.

The Court is expected to give its verdict within a week. 

Earlier, Fayulu said his house had been invaded by the country’s elite forces.


“Kabila’s presidential guard invaded my property today to prevent me from submitting my appeal at the Constitutional Court. Fear is still on their side,” said Fayulu. 

He was later able to drive to court where he lodged his petition.

The situation in DRC remains calm but unpredictable.

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