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DRC WAR: Uganda Can’t Rule Out Ground Troop Invasion

Uganda has warned of possible deployment of troops in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo in the war against rebel Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), Chimp Corps report.

“We reserve the right to deploy boots on ground,” said UPDF spokesperson, Brig Richard Karemire.

“We have a reason why we used long-range artillery and our airforce in the attacks,” he added in an interview with ChimpReports.

It’s understood Uganda and DRC recently signed a Status of Forces Agreement to conduct joint military operations against ADF.

An Islamist movement led by jailed Jamil Mukulu, ADF is the only remaining armed group fighting to topple President Museveni from power.

It’s alleged the Movement runs a ‘state within a state’ in DRC where it levies taxes and deals in timber trade to raise money for its activities.

The militant group is accused of attacking peacekeepers in DRC, killing at least 15 Tanzanian soldiers.

UPDF says ADF has been mobilizing and recruiting fighters with support from foreign jihadist groups to destabilize Uganda.


It’s highly anticipated UPDF will deploy troops during this festive season to help DRC soldiers neutralize fleeing ADF combatants.

Pressed to explain whether UPDF had achieved its goals in the bombardments, Karemire responded: “We have a sense that we hit the targets. It was a shock. Some commanders must have gone to heaven.”

Asked to present pictorial evidence showing successfulness of the mission, Karemire said, “As long as we have hit the enemy, we feel satisfied.”

He said UPDF has previously “fought many successful battles and won them without showing you (media) pictures.”

Currently, the media is not allowed to access the battlefields with officials saying the operation is still in its initial stages.

Karemire said the attacks would compel ADF to go into disarray.

“If you hit and disorganize them and kill commanders, reorganizing takes time,” said Karemire.

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