DRC: Tshisekedi, Kabila Meet to Resolve Misunderstandings

President of the Democratic Republic of Congo Felix Tshisekedi met his predecessor, Joseph Kabila on Thursday evening for talks aimed   resolving misunderstandings on the coalition government formed following the December 30, 2018 elections.

According to the statement by the presidency, the two leaders reiterated their willingness to work together on top of taking a series of measures to avoid “misunderstandings”.

“The Two leaders have noted that there is malaise in the functioning of the Coalition, malaise mainly due to misunderstandings, certain actions, inappropriate media interviews on both sides and harassment of FCC leaders by immigration agents at certain border crossings,” said prime minster Vital Kamerh at the end of the meeting.

“While regretting these behaviors, the two leaders have dispelled the misunderstanding and made a commitment to do everything possible so that these types of deplored actions do not happen again,” he added

The Union for Democracy and Social Progress (UDPS) President Tshisekedi’s party formed a ruling coalition with The pro-Kabila Common Front for Congo, FCC, after FCC , obtained 337 of the 485 seats in the legislative elections which meant the president had to pick a Prime Minister from the FCC in order to be able to form a government.

Tshisekedi has in the past accused some ministers of blocking his initiatives on the orders of the FCC.


According to sources he accused José Sele Yalaghuli, the minister of finance of blocking the financing of the “100-day programme” (Finance), Clément Kuete Nymi Bemuna minster for Portfolio for countering presidential directive and Célestin Tunda Ya Kasende Justice Minster  for refusing to ratify presidential appointments.


Tshisekedi on 19 January, while in London attending the UK-Africa summit, publicly threatened to dissolve the National Assembly, which he claimed was thwarting constitutional reform, including a return to a two-round presidential election.


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