DRC: Plane Misses Runway, Kills 5 in Nearby Slum

An Air Services company cargo plane last evening missed its landing at Bipemba airport in Mbuji-Mayi in DRC and skidded into a residential area, salve pill killing 5 people.

Residents indicated that the aircraft, an A310 from Lubumbashi, missed his landing and extended its run in a residential area, at the southern end of the runway.

Five deaths have so far been reported although by press time it is believed that more people were still trapped in the crashed structures.

All the dead according to local media were yet to be identified, while the four crew members escaped without injuries.

According to airport workers, the accident was not due to the poor condition of the track. They also revealed that the aircraft circled the airport and made two failed attempts to touch down.

When it finally landed in the middle of the track, the pilot tried unsuccessfully to stop it on the remaining part of the runway.

“The aircraft continued its course over five hundred meters beyond the edge of the track,” said a source.

The police and the military came in and secured the aircraft and its cargo.


In the past few weeks, another company Congo Airways suspended its flights to the airport “until further notice “.

These said they took this decision following the deterioration of the state of the airstrip Bipemba Airport.


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