DRC: Catholic Church Decries Plans to Occupy Eastern Congo by “Neighboring State”


Cardinal Fridon Ambongo Besungu, the Archbishop of Kinshasa has said that the wars in Eastern Congo are aimed to enable occupation by a neighbouring State.

Cardinal Besung who heads the Catholic Church and is a member of the powerful Episcopal Conference of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (CENCO) made the remarks during a visit to North Kivu cities of Beni and Batembo were Allied Democratic Forces have killed hundreds of people in the past months.

“The plan by our enemy is to create terror, in order to force our people to flee, by consequence abandon this place to be freely run by other occupants who will come to settle,” He said.

“This project success will depend on us the people of Congo; if we sit and don’t defend our country then they will succeed.” He added.

The development comes weeks after a former DR Congo prime minister and leader of opposition coalition LIMUKA, Adolphe Muzito called for the DRC government to wage war on neighbouring Rwanda to end militia violence.

“We have to wage war on Rwanda to restore peace in our country. Rwanda influences our politics. So does Uganda,” former premier Adolphe Muzito said at a press conference in Kinshasa.

“We can only make peace by threatening Rwanda, by occupying its territory if possible by annexing it,” he continued.


Currently Rwanda has over 5000 military personnel from the National Army and Reserve Forces conducting operations against armed in East Congo opposed to the Kigali establishment. They operate in the areas of Rutshuru, Masisi, Minebwe in North Kivu Karehe and Uvira in South Kivu near the Burundi border.

Claims of portioning DRC are not new. They have been made by several politicians in Congo for many years. Ho ever the difference this time is they come from the head of Catholic Church which has every big say in the politics of DRC.

CENCO was at the fore front in stopping former President Joseph Kabila from seeking a third term through organizing and some of the clergy including priests taking part in these demonstrations.

The group would on go on to dispute declaration of President Félix Tshisekedi as the winner of the December 2018 elections, saying election results tallied by its 40,000 observers scattered across the country showed a different winner, without specifying who.

“We see that the result of the presidential election as published by CENI (the electoral commission) does not correspond with the data collected by our observer mission from polling stations and counting centres,” said Father Donatien Nshole, spokesman for CENCO at the time.

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