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DRC Army: We’ve Killed 45 ADF Rebels

Congolese forces have reported the killing of 45 Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) militants in the eastern part of the country near the Ugandan border.

“During the successful offensives carried out in Madina, Mapobu and Liva, at least 40 ADF combatants were killed, including 5 of their commanders,” said the regional army spokesperson, Major Mak Hazukai.

On 30 October 2019, the DRC Government launched operations against armed groups in North Kivu Province.

According to officers, since the beginning of operations, FARDC had gained control of ADF camps including Mayangose, Kididiwe, Vemba, Kadohu, Point 46, Masulukwede, part of Mwalika, Mabeto and Karuhamba.

The total number of killed ADF combatants is estimated at over 100.

In August 2019, ADF combatants crossed into the south of Irumu Territory and attacked villages in Boga following a May 2019 incursion into Chabi.

According to United Nations’ recent report on rebel movements in Eastern DRC, Since the September 2019 announcement of FARDC military operations, ADF leaders had begun to move materiel and combatants from some camps, including Mayangose and Kididiwe, to Kajaju, Whisper and Bango in the Madina complex.

Some combatants had moved towards Mamove, west of Oicha, while children and the elderly had been transferred northwards from Mwalika camp.


Around 20 combatants were left in the smaller camps with a few AK-pattern assault rifles.

Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as Da’esh) publicly claimed that some attacks in DRC that had been attributed to ADF had actually been carried out by ISIL

Hazukai on Saturday said the army recovered 5 PKM (general-purpose machine gun), 21 firearms, 5 homemade bombs and other weapons.

Following the arrest of ADF’s supreme leader Jamil Mukulu, Seka Musa Baluku took over as the overall leader of the movement.

Lukwago Rashid Swaibu Hood, also known as “Mzee Meya Pierro” or “Pierro”, remained in place as the military commander.

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