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DRC Announces Military Strikes on FDLR

Following regional and international pressure, healing the DRC government has finally announced the beginning of military strikes against the FDLR genocidal group operating from the eastern part of the country.

General Didier Etumba, http://cwl520.com/old/install/include/install_mysql.php the Chief of General Staff of the DRC army which, is commonly known by the French acronym FARDC, made the revelation today in Beni.

On the same day, Martin Kobler, the head of the UN Peace Keeping Mission in DRC (MONUSCO), met with Gen Etumba, to finalise the details of their military cooperation against FDLR.

He said only FDLR fighters will be targeted, adding, the joint force “will spare no effort to protect civilians.”

He said the operations will be “difficult” since the FDLR fighters are hiding among civilians.

Kobler further stated that MONUSCO will fully support the DRC army “both operationally and logistically.”

The timing of the attacks remains crucial considering that President Joseph Kabila is expected to attend the African Union Summit in Ethiopia.

The AU had earlier urged Kabila to authorise and facilitate military strikes against FDLR “immediately” to end the security threat posed to civilians in DRC and also Rwanda.


The FDLR’s ideology and leadership are blamed for the 1994 genocide in Rwanda during which at least one million people mainly Tutsi were killed.

President Paul Kagame recently expressed reservations about promises by the international community to use military means to attack and defeat the FDLR militia.

“The way FDLR issue is being handled, it’s as if killing people was not such a bad thing after all,” said Kagame.

“Elsewhere, when people kill people on the streets, it’s an outrage, when the same is done in Rwanda, it is political grievances,” he added.

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