Drama to Stand up Comedy: Analysis from Richard Tuwangye’s Maiden Show

Often times, we have seen singers switch from one genre to other; RnB to house music, but how do comedians find it in their line, easy? No; not at all.

Tuwangye entertaining fans. Photo by Nelly Salvatore

Making people laugh is what they pride in, in fact, we call it their job. How they do it, critically depends on which kind of genre, rather type of comedy one does.

Comedy lovers enjoying performances at the show. Photo by Nelly Salvatore

Well, on that note, it wasn’t usual business for Richard Tuwangye’s fans that had converged at the National Theatre on Friday 12.

Why call it unusual?

For decades now, Tuwangye has been in never-ending sketch comedy as part of the Fun factory team where many big comics including Ann Kansiime subscribes to, which is very different from the stand up comedy he just ventured into.


While his fans have known him for that, Tuwangye “did not risk” but tried to see if the other side of telling jokes (Stand up comedy) works. True, he was right because it turned out absolutely smooth and likeable.



“Laugh Conquers all,” the show’s title goes, did not at first carry much meaning at about 8:40 Pm when it was time for the band. The number was not good but was promising as fans kept on entering the venue from all gates.


Finally, by about 9:00Pm, the numbers were amazing as our reporter witnessed an incident where some of the fans were told off by ushers, “we are sorry, there are no more seats inside.” that meant that the venue was full to accommodate no more people.

Comedy store boss Alex Muhagi was also in attendance. Photo by Nelly Salvatore

At that time, everyone was enjoying the moments of their life, sipping beer, others chugged in wine among others as there was entertainment from Comedians Uncle Mark, Okello Okello, Daniel Omara who revolved his jokes around relationships, marriage, the pain women go through giving birth and what it means to be a good parent.

Comic Daniel Omara cracking revelers’ ribs

Teso’s Emma Napoleon did not want the already excited revelers turn low their happiness as he joked about having emceed flopped shows such as singer Fik Fameica, Pallaso’s among others.


“Thank you guys for coming over, personally I was scared performing here because unfortunately, I have been the MC for all the shows that have flopped in Uganda. Cisco, Pallaso and Fik Fameica’s shows.

It was even worse for Fik Fameica, at 11:00 Pm, no body, this time even the Police men didn’t come.11:30 Pm the organizer said Napoleon just go and make some noise as MC and when I went to the stage I was hearing myself.


He went on talking about how Ugandans have started according respect to the security officers following the recent shooting that occurred at Naalya and how Ugandans don’t connect with guns.


Finally,Tuwangye, the’ main man’ of the night jumped on stage at exactly 9:17 Pm with his signature jokes about him being short but never short on jokes and tall stories.

Tuwangye with Afande Asan Kasingye. Photo by Nelly Salvatore

He is a kind of person who uses humor which does not consist of dirty jokes, dirty gestures, and sex among others.


In fact, you can call it insult comedy, but no, the fellow wasn’t in any way offensive.


To be exact, he was doing what is termed as topical comedy, call it ‘satire’ that kept comedy lovers at his palm, enjoying every bit of lines he took.


Tuwangye joked about Fresh Kid not being a kid but a mature man with brains basing on the way he responds to questions asked to him when having interviews.


“I stand here now to tell you that personally I do not believe that Fresh kid is a kid. I want the archeologists to take that boy’s bones to the laboratory and we check the bones, that boy comes from Luweero, doesn’t he?

Is it me who has sat and thought that one of those bush war soldiers fathered him and moved on? You can tell from the way he answers questions from his interviews. He answers some of these questions better than some of us.”


Surely, comic Tuwangye is not a Surrel,spoof or that ‘one-line jokes’ man, as he went on and on among others; recalling about his child hood,education,marriage and how Ugandan ladies who bleach will face it rough to answer to God what happened to their melanin when judgment day comes.


Upon ending the show at 11:00 Pm, he thanked his fellow comics for accepting to be part of the show and fans for their support towards his carrier.

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