Drama as Farmer Moves to Attach District Chairman’s Car Over Nonpayment

Drama unfolded Friday morning at the Kisoro district headquarters as security battled with court bailiffs who had come to attach district vehicles including that of the district chairman Abel Bizimana.

The bailiffs were acting on behalf of a local tea farmer who claims she is owed up to Shs 26 million by the district.

Kisoro RDC Hajji Shafiq Sekandi led a security team to block the court bailiffs and auctioneers from towing away the local government vehicles.

The farmer, Naome Kabeba Nyiramucyo claims she entered an agreement with the district to supply tea seedlings under the NAADs/KDLG program, which agreement, she says was not honored.

She went to the High Court where she obtained an order to attach the district cars, sell them and recover her money.

The RDC Sekandi however, says they blocked the court bailiffs, because they didn’t follow the proper procedures.

He says these should have first notified the Kisoro DPC and himself about the attachment.

He also said some of the documents presented by the bailiffs were inconsistent on how many vehicles they were supposed to attach.


The RDC added that District Chairperson Bizimana’s car Reg Number UG – 3185 R is not a property of Kisoro district Local Government but the Ministry of  Local Government itself.

On the farmer’s unpaid debt, Sekandi said although the money delayed, NAADs had communicated that they have already processed it and will soon be wired to her account.

The district chairman’s vehicle was later taken to Kisoro Police station where was being kept by publication.

Also the Kisoro district security Committee was still in a meeting with the bailiffs, trying to furnish them with all the information on the status of the payment from NAAD’s.


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