Dr Runumi Thanks God After Recovering from Covid-19

A retired Commissioner in the Health Ministry, Dr. Francis Runumi, has thanked God for helping him recover from coronavirus.

Dr. Runumi, who was a former Reform Agenda activist and a key supporter of Col (Rtd) Kiiza Besigye before being appointed Commissioner for Planning in Ministry of Health, on Wednesday thanked the doctors at Mulago and Entebbe hospitals for aiding his recovery from the deadly virus.

“God has given me a lease of life again. Neera. Today I leave Mulago healed after battling Corona, which some people still take to be a quasi-joke. No thanks. It is not a joke. You will be picked, isolated and paralysed as Prof. Nsibambi [former PM] used to emphasise to stubborn people. Don’t be a statistic in its line of duty. It is dead serious when you start adoring the free oxygen you are breathing right now. You will be alone with that phone as the only window to the dearest,” he said.

“Most grateful to your support. Prayers, encouraging messages, spiritual references, money, love, kept flowing from all of you. People I had forgotten showed up with love.  I am so heavily indebted to you all. For the medics in Entebbe and Mulago the job you are doing is simply incredible. Too much to say here but not now. Good guys.  I have no appropriate channel to reach all to Thank you. Thank you. Am healed and heading home any minute. SOPs are everywhere. Blame yourself for any bleach. Rukundo egumeho,” he added.

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