Dr. Ndyanabangi on Why Public Smokers Won’t be Arrested Soon

Whereas the Tobacco Control law took effect in May this year, ailment Dr. Sheila Ndyanabangi the Uganda National Focal Person for Tobacco Control has said it is likely to take a while.

She told a news conference on Monday that for any law to be effective, seek the public must be aware about its existence and the necessary regulations well stipulated.

“The reason we have not seen arrests being made yet people continue to smoke in public is because we are still disseminating information about the new law to Ugandans. Consultations are also ongoing with the stakeholders to make the regulations more detailed – the appropriate distance for smoking, symptoms signage specifications metal,” Dr. Ndyanabangi said during a news conference at Riders Lounge.

Dr. Ndyanabangi also said; “Laws that are supported by the public tend to register more success than those that aren’t. Our objective isn’t to bash smokers but rather to educate them on the dangers of tobacco.”

The stringent law prohibits manufacturing, sale, promotion, advertisement and use of tobacco products in public spaces due to health risks. Owners of public facilities of bars, hotels and others are required by the law to have signs with messages that bar customers from smoking in the open.

“Currently, the law doesn’t clearly indicate the circumstances that lead to someone being arrested for smoking in a public place. Ideally, the attendant must first warn the smoker and inform him about the effect of his action to nonsmoker’s and if persists, that’s when police comes in,” Dr. Ndyanabangi explained.

National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA), Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), Ministry of Health and the Police are the entities charged with enforcement of the law.

The Tobacco Control Act was passed by Parliament on July 28 2015 and later assented to by President Yoweri Museveni in September 2015.

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