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Dr Mutumba Hospitalised After Son Weds Secretly

Prominent Kampala city doctor, John Mutumba, has been admitted at Nakasero Hospital with “high blood pressure” and “severe depression” after discovering that his son, Ronnie Mutumba was helped to wed secretly.

“I was betrayed. My family quietly planned to wed my son in my absence. I was in United States when all this happened. Why treat me like this? I am angry and broken,” said Mutumba on Tuesday morning.

An investigation by ChimpReports has established that two months ago, Ronnie exchanged vows with his pregnant lover, Hellen Nakagwa Kiggundu at Saint Paul’s Cathedral Namirembe.

But Dr Mutumba had agreed with Hellen’s father, Kiggundu Tamale that he would pay for her education till she qualified to practice as a doctor in United States.

“Before the introduction ceremony, I had with Tamale that I wanted my son to marry someone who is employed and also able to bring food on the table. But Tamale broke this informal agreement,” cried Dr Mutumba who is in his  70s.

Struggling with diabetes, Dr Mutumba occasionally stammers and in extreme circumstances breaks into tears while recounting the troubling ordeal.

Unlike retired public servants who struggle to provide for their families, Dr Mutumba lives in a posh storied residence in Kiwatule, a Kampala suburb.


His garage boasts four cars including a Mercedes Benz which he says reminds him of the fruits of hard work.

In his gated compound, Dr Mutumba rests on the balcony where he issues his orders to his helpers.

Dr Mutumba said he was living a comfortable life, having worked with World Bank and Ministry of Health for many years, until recently when he traveled abroad.

“One time I went to visit my prospective in-law Tamale but he never cared about me. He broke the trust between us. Why doesn’t he care? He concentrated on watching the television yet I was his visitor,” Dr Mutumba lamented.

He also accused his brother Dr Samuel Kisa Mutumba, Stephen Kasirye (head of the Information and Internal Inspection at IGG) among others of conniving with Tamale to keep Ronnie’s wedding plans in wraps.

Contacted, Dr Kisa said Ronnie left Uganda to live in United States at a young age.

“He has a long story to tell. The truth is that Ronnie never wanted his father to be involved in wedding,” said Dr Kisa.

Dr Mutumba was quite adventurous that he begot Ronnie during the former’s high school days.

Dr Kisa further revealed that since Dr Mutumba lost a job at Ministry of Health, “he has never been the same again.”

Dr. John Mutumba was denied the position of Head Global Fund Project Management Unit- PMU by high ranking officials he says “didn’t like my honesty.”

Dr Mutumba had been rated the best candidate by the recruitment consultants, Ernst and Young.

Asked why he helped in Ronnie’s secret wedding, Dr Kisa said “there was nothing done wrong. Ronnie is 42 years of age. He is sort of broken.”

Dr Kisa said Dr Mutumba never wanted Ronnie to marry Hellen “and they had to something in haste. And I was not so involved…”

But Dr Mutumba says Buganda Kingdom need to investigate the broken promises as they undermine Buganda’s culture.

The wedding reception was held at Pearl of Africa Hotel before the couple flew to United States.

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