Dr. Mungherera: The Life of a Passionate, People Loving Psychiatric

Relatives and friends on Thursday gave moving speeches about the life of  Dr. Margaret Mungherera, troche the country’s senior consultant psychiatrist and also  President of the World Medical Association who died on Saturday in India.

Dr Mungherera passed away last Saturday in India
Dr Mungherera passed away last Saturday in India

The Prime Minister, erectile Dr.Ruhakana Rugunda described the deceased as an exceptional character  and one who was able to serve both patients and the medical practitioners needs.

“She was able to bridge the gap between Psychiatry patients and the those in the medical profession that  the latter started considering the patients. She was always open and a brilliant medical professional that every one ought to emulate, cialis 40mg ” Dr. Rugunda said of the late.

According to Dr. Ruth Aceng, the Health Minister in Dr.Mungherera was a character of a strong pillar that dedicated her energy towards improvement of service delivery in the ministry.

“By the time she started serving as a Psychiatric consultant in Butabika in the early 1980s, most of the institutions had run down but this did not stop her from working and excelling,” the Health Minister said.

“She loved her patients and always wanted the best for them that she was able to attract females to join the male dominated field of psychiatrists.”

Health Minister Dr.Ruth Aceng lays her wreath.
Health Minister Dr.Ruth Aceng lays her wreath.

Dr. Aceng narrated of a number of occasions that Dr. Mungherera advocated for a better remuneration of health workers but at the same time urged them never to lay down their tools because it was their cardinal duty to preserve lives.

Former Vice President and surgeon, Dr. Specioza Wandira Kazibwe described Dr. Mungherera as a special breed of person of dedicated her life and had a passion of  serving others and forgot about hers.


“She always looked after other people’s life but forgot about hers. It took her long to find out that she had got cancer because she was always treating other people,” Dr.Kazibwe said of her long time friend and ‘younger sister’.

Siblings eulogizing Dr. Mungherera
Siblings eulogizing Dr. Mungherera

Kazibwe however expressed concern that  most health practitioners have specialized in treating diseases instead of guiding people on how to remain health and avoid falling sick.

“We have the Ministry of Disease and not Ministry of Health yet we ought to give information to people on how to live health. Dr. Mungherera should be recognized as a hero for helping to ensure people live health.”

Lydia Mungherera, described her sister as a pillar in their home whose characters were always infectious to the people near her.

“She was passionate for good health care, loving and straight forward person ,”she said of her late sister.

Mr. Seezi Mungherera, the father of the deceased giving his speech
Mr. Seezi Mungherera, the father of the deceased giving his speech

Mr. Seezi Mungherera narrated of a prophecy that he got on the day his wife gave birth to Dr.Mungherera way back in 1957 in Jinja.

“What a girl that God gave me! She was born on my birthday,” started Mr.Mungherera. “When I went to hospital to see her month and the new born baby, I left my car open only for someone to come running to me that a mentally disturbed person was sitting in my vehicle. I convinced him to get away but little did I know that it was prophecy for my daughter to become a physiatrist.”

The 91 year old dad of 6 described his daughter as an encouraging personality to everyone and also his closest friend.


Born in 1957, Margaret Mungherera was the first of his parents’ 6 children .She attended Kijjabwemi Primary School in Masaka  between 1963 and 1969 before joining Nakasero Primary School.

She joined Gayaza High School  in 1970 where she completed her O  and A – level s before enrolling to the Medical School at  Makerere University  and graduated in 1982.

By the time of her death, Dr.Mungherera had worked at Mulago and Butabika hospitals as a consultant .She was the founder of the Uganda Women Medical Doctors Association and in October 2013,shebecame  the first Woman President of the World Medical Association.

Dr.Mungherera succumbed to colon cancer at the age of 59 years at Apollo hospital in India on Saturday.


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