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DR Congo: Tshisekedi Meets Head of Catholic Church over Occupation Comments

President of the Democratic Republic of Congo Felix Tshisekedi has met with the head of the Congolese Catholic Church Cardinal Fridolin Ambongo over the latter’s alarming remarks recently that a certain neighbouring country was planning to occupy Eastern Congo.

The President’s office also announced Tuesday that the two had discussed Cardinal Ambongo’s visit to Eastern DRC, and Tshisekedi’s scheduled trip to the Vatican.

“The Head of State received Cardinal Fridolin Ambongo Besungu. The discussion revolved around his visit to the East and the President’s next visit to.” Read the tweet.

While visiting North Kivu cities of Beni and Batembo where Allied Democratic Forces have killed hundreds of people in the past months,Ambongo said wars in Eastern Congo are aimed to enable occupation by a neighbouring State.

“The plan by our enemy is to create terror, in order to force our people to flee, and by consequence abandon this place to be freely run by other occupants who will come to settle,” He said. “This project success will depend on us the people of Congo; if we sit and don’t defend our country then they will succeed.”

Cardinal Ambongo made it is clear the project is being implemented by regional players he did not name. Since then, the political temperature has exploded – with politicians and activists taking turns to scrutinize the comments.

Currently Rwanda has over 5000 military personnel from the National Army and Reserve Forces conducting operations against armed groups in East Congo opposed to the Kigali establishment. They operate in the areas of Rutshuru, Masisi, Minebwe in North Kivu Karehe and Uvira in South Kivu near the Burundi border.


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