DR Congo: 15 killed in Beni Region Rebel Attack.

Islamist militants of the Allied Democratic Forces have killed 15 people in the resistive region of Beni bringing the number of those killed in the area to 256 since November according to civil society.

The victims include a Pastor who was killed Wednesday morning near the town of Eringeti and 14 killed Tuesday night in Mazingi town west of Oicha city Beni region.

The latest incident comes a week after ADF Militants killed 11 people in what authorities and civil societies in Beni said were revenge attacks in response to defeats the group faced at the hands of DR Congo army.

DRC forces earlier this month announced that they had captured the out fits headquarters based at Madina after an intensive 4-day fierce battle that left 40 rebel fighters including 5 of groups leaders killed while the government lost 30 government soldiers and 70 were wounded.

According Operation Sokola spoke person Maj Mark Hazukay the hunt for the remaining ADF fighters on the move after they left their bases has been complicated by attacks from Mai Mai fighters.

“These ADF jihadists are on the loose. They are now moving in small groups and stealing food supplies from civilians. Our efforts to wipe them out are being frustrated by Mai-Mai fighters who are attacking us from behind.” Major Hazukay said.

He added that the situation would soon been under control.

Civil society groups in Beni say the country’s security forces should strengthen intelligence system and keep military deployments in the area if they are to deter further attacks on civilians.


The ADF began as an Islamist rebellion fighting to Ugandan President Kaguta Museveni.

It fell back into eastern DRC in 1995 and appears to have halted raids inside Uganda. Its recruits today are people of various nationalities

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