Dr. Atwine Applauds Health Workers as Uganda is Ranked among Top 10 Countries Suppressing Covid-19

The Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary Dr Diana Atwine has congratulated all health workers for their full time commitment to fighting the Covid-19 pandemic.

This followed the Lancet Medical Journal report submitted to the United Nations which ranked 91 countries around the world based on the incidence or the number of new cases per million population per day averaged during August.

Uganda was listed among the top 10 countries that have fought tirelessly to combat Covid-19

Through her official Facebook account, Atwine sent heartfelt message to the frontline workers, “Efforts to be proud of. Special thanks to all our front line health workers. We are doing well,”  reads part of the message.

When contacted over the same matter, Atwine said that this achievement has been through team work and committed staff who sacrificed their all to serve the nation.

“Communicating bad news is a difficult task but we constantly had to get out even when it meant risking demoralizing the nation but we have a duty to communicate with transparency. And that has proved the vital antidote to this risk,” Dr Diana Atwine remarked at one of the recent Ministry functions.

The report published earlier this, week ranked Uganda 10th and the first country in Africa as concerns suppressing Covid-19. Other African countries on the list include Rwanda, Togo, Democratic Republic of Congo and Nigeria.

Others on the top 10 list are; Thailand, Cambodia, China, Myanmar, Malaysia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Vietnam and Laos.



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