DPP Withdraws Charges against Hon Zaake

The Director of Public Prosecution Jane Frances Abodo has withdrawn charges of Negligent Acts likely to spread infection against Mityana Municipality Member of Parliament Hon Frances Zaake.

Zaake has been facing these charges resulting from flaunting Presidential directives on the prevention of Covid-19 when he went ahead to distribute food to people during the lockdown.

In the withdrawal form dated July 2, 2020, the DPP has discontinued criminal proceedings of case number 148 of 2020 from file number CRB 268 – 2020.

“This is to inform you that the Director of Public Prosecution has decided to discontinue proceedings against Hon Zaake Francis,” the withdrawal statement reads in part.

Zaake has been facing charges of Negligent Acts likely to spread an infection, contrary to section 171 of the Penal code Act and disobedience of lawful orders contrary to section 117 of the Penal code Act.

After a number of complaints that Zaake was brought to court under poor health conditions after being tortured, the DPP launched investigations in the matter and promised to take appropriate action in case the findings proved that Zaake was tortured.

She also revealed that during her term in office, she will not tolerate the torturing of suspects since this was one of the major causes for collapsing of a number of criminal cases.

Over the similar case, Zaake has dragged to court a number of security personnel accusing them of torturing him after being arrested on allegations of violating the presidential directives on COVID-19 prevention.



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