DPP Vows to Prosecute All Security Staff Accused of Torturing Suspects

The Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Justice Frances Abodo has asked all security personnel from various Government Agencies to stop with immediate effect the torturing of suspects as a means of extracting information because it’s against both local and international laws.

In her statement, Abodo revealed that her office (ODPP) has received a number of complaints from individuals about the torturing of suspects which has prompted her to come out with a clear position that her office doesn’t condone this act

“ODPP Condemns the use of torture and other cruel inhuman or degrading actions as interrogation strategies and calls upon all security agencies including Uganda Police Force (UPF), Internal Security Organization (ISO) and External Security Organization (ESO) to explicitly ban the use of degrading treatment and enforce all laws, regulations prohibiting its use,” reads the statement in part.

Abodo says that her office will order for investigations in every torture allegation that will be brought to its attention.

“ODPP Shall prosecute suspected perpetrators of torture and other forms of degrading treatment against whom there is sufficient evidence.”

The DPP pointed out that torturing doesn’t only affect the suspects but also Uganda’s reputation credibility in pursuance of international human rights.

“Security Agencies are required to observe a wide range of national treaties, conventions, and laws that prohibit torture and cruel inhumane degrading treatment and the prohibition is absolute under all circumstances,” the statement further reads.

This statement has come a few weeks after Mityana Municipality Member of Parliament Hon Francis Zaake dragged to court a number of security personnel accusing them of torturing him after being arrested on allegations of violating presidential directives on COVID19.

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