DPP Denies Withdrawing Besigye’s Treason Case

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) has dismissed as false, claims by Col Dr Kizza Besigye, that the Treason case that was brought against him in 2016 was discretely withdrawn.

Besigye alleged on Thursday that this case, which followed his self-proclamation and inauguration as the duly elected President of Uganda, had been secretly withdrawn from the Nakawa Chief Magistrates Court.

The former Presidential candidate said last night that he had learnt this from one of his lawyer friends, “who stumbled upon court papers” recently, that indicated that the treason case was withdraw.

“They just removed the case without even my knowledge,” Besigye said while appearing on the NBS Frontline program.

However, according to Irene Nakimbugwe, the Deputy spokesperson for the DPP, Besigye’s claim is not accurate.

“No Nolle was tendered in regard to that case, as far as I know,” Nakimbugwe told us.

The Nolle Prosequi is the formal notice of abandonment by the prosecutor of all or part of a suit.

“I was able to verify from the case officer, and he told me that case was only recalled for review,” she said.


“The (police) investigations were completed; the case is being reviewed and the (DDP) will be making a decision soon. That process of reviewing can go on for as long as it takes, depending on how complex the matter is.”

The DPP Mike Chibita in April 2017 told media that the reason for delay in this case was because of one defiant witness, who attended Besigye’s mock swearing ceremony. This witness, Chibita said, refused to make a statement with the police.

It should be remembered however, that Col Besigye admitted to the said charges before court, maintaining that he had evidence showing that he won the 2016 general elections.

Besigye, also stopped making appearances at the Nakawa court as part of his bail conditions, citing lack of progress in the case.

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