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DPC Kirumira: Gen Kayihura Ran Police on Fear

Former Old Kampala Police Commander, Mohammed Kirumira has accused ex IGP Gen Kale Kayihura of running the law enforcement body on fear which created divisions and intrigue.

A very popular officer, Kirumira hit the limelight when he conducted successful operations that saw criminal cells dismantled in Old Kampala, Kasubi, Nansana and neighboring slums.

Relying on intelligence from communities, Kirumira would personally participate in these operations that saw gangs arrested and prosecuted.

In these areas, Kirumira was nicknamed ‘commando’ for successfully ending a reign of terror perpetrated by thugs and returning peace to the crime-infested slums.

However, this is did not please some sections of police as some feared his popularity.

Kirumira says as one way of destroying his career, information was sent to President Museveni that he was a big thief.

He says on June 1, 2017, Frank Mwesigwa who commanded Kampala Metropolitan Police told Museveni that he was a thief “in order to spoil my name and kill my future.”

Kirumira says he also was “invited to explain myself but when the former IGP learnt of it he ordered that I should be charged for allegedly jumping the queue to meet the First person without his knowledge.”


Kirumira wonders how he could have gone through the IGP “yet he was the person I was accusing.”

The police officer says Kayihura “had created panic among all the police ranks and many feared him, adding, while many police commanders were not very open to Kayihura, they never supported him.

The IGP was this year sacked alongside Security Minister Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde.

Kayihura’s dismissal followed increase crime rate, favouritism and questionable loyalty to the commander-in-chief.

But President Museveni described him as a “loyal cadre.”

Museveni further said Kayihura executed his mandate effectively, restoring law and order and building a solid force to counter 21st century challenges such as terrorism.


In a note to the public, Kirumira says Kayihura’s “friends were his village mates from  his home district and a few others from other regions belonging to the innermost circle.”

Kirumira goes on to say a DPC in Kampala bought witnesses to pin him on charges of misconduct.

“They didn’t want me to have a good name or return for fear of disorganizing their dubious deals. But funny enough I learnt of their deal and I kept quiet but steadily planning a counter attack on them which is now reaping negatively on them,” Kirumira added.

“This war shall not end unless all of them are out of their offices which they have been using to enrich themselves, make weddings worth billions of shillings and buy first class vehicles with their junior friends.”

Kirumira was charged before the Police Tribunal with torture, extortion, corruption, bribery, unlawful arrests and excessive use of authority; charges he dismissed as groundless and politically motivated.

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