DP Woos Former Members in ‘Komawo Eka’ Campaign

Keen to leverage the disquiet within other Opposition Parties, the Democratic Party (DP) has today launched a campaign dubbed “Komawo Eka” or “Come back Home” that is aimed at wooing its former members who had left the party.

This development comes a day after the National Unity Platform (NUP) released a list of those it intends to field at Parliamentary positions within the central region.

However, some prominent faces that previously belonged to DPs loose coalition known as DP Block such as Makindye West aspirant Micheal Mabikke and Rubaga South’s Walter Lubega Mukaaku were left out pending review.

This has since given way to rumors that disenchanted members might return to their former Party, something DP Spokesperson Okoler Opio Lo Amanu confirmed.

Amanu revealed on Tuesday that the Party was merely extending an Olive Branch to its ‘Prodigal Sons’ who might be frustrated wherever they are.

“Instead of feeding with swine, we are saying that they should come back and feed on DP fodder,” Amanu said

About a month ago, DP was thrown into a scare when eleven of its seasoned legislators including Mathias Mpuuga, Betty Nambooze and Joseph Ssewungu among others jumped ship and joined NUP.

The party also found itself without an administrator, after one; Peter Ssempijja the aspiring Lubaga Local Council Five (LC V) councilor joined his colleagues on the opposite flank.


While Amanu was not at ease to discuss specifics, DP Norbert Mao has repeatedly emphasized that only the misled and not the misleaders shall be accepted back.

Albeit, he described the exit of disgruntled elements as ‘Weight Loss’ that was not occasioned by sickness but by necessity and warned DP members against fraternizing with other formations.

“If you are a DP member you should not be seen gallivanting with candidates who are non DP against a DP candidate. Automatically, you matter will be a disciplinary issue and will give you a red carpet to wherever you want to go and escort you,” Mao fumed.

What next for DP Block members?

Following NUPs rejection of Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone’s candidature for Kampala Lord Mayor last week; a similar question was posed to Micheal Mabikke during a Political Talk Show on 87.9 ‘Akaboozi’ FM.

“You were supposed to pose that question to Mercy Walukamba the Chairperson of the Elections Management Committee or Maybe Lewis Rubongoya our Secretary General (SG),” Mabikke fired back.

But pressed further he said after all Political Parties in emerging democracies are merely a channel of power and not absolute.

“Political Parties are a means to the end, but they are not an end themselves,” he exclaimed.

The loose coalition was formed in January 2019 after DP merged with Dr. Abed Bwanika’s People’s Development Party (PDP), Micheal Mabikke’s Social Democratic Party (SDP) and Truth and Justice (TJ) Pressure Group.

However, it collapsed on its knees after Bwanika and Mabikke opted to join the newly formed NUP leaving Mao perplexed.

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