DP Urges Government on Gun Ownership

Opposition Democratic Party (DP) has called upon government to come up with stronger laws and guidelines governing the possession of firearms by civilians in the country.

This follows the recent murder of a one Kenneth Akena by yet to be determined assailants over the weekend.

DP spokesperson, illness Paul Kenneth Kakande told the media on Tuesday that this is not the first time Ugandans are misusing firearms citing the alleged murder by Andrew Desh Kananura and DPC Aaron Baguma.

“As a party we are greatly touched by the impunity that is going on in the country. We have noted with great disappointment that there are people who have fire arms just because they are connected to those in power, ” Kakande noted.

“The manner and ways in which they use these guns has put lives of many Ugandans at risk. A case in point is one which happened recently in Lugogo, ” Kakande said.

“We need laws which are very tough on people who possess fire arms and guidelines which must be followed by those who give out guns to civilians or the manner in which men in uniform are using these guns.”

Kakande noted that government should prevail on some Ugandans who feel they are bigger than others and take the law in their hands.

“We call upon government and those in charge of security not to allow this situation to deteriorate because if they do people might begin taking laws in their arms.”

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